Siren Testing for the New Tolt Dam Early Warning System to Occur September 12 – 16 and September 21

The first round of audible testing for the Tolt Dam early warning system took place in July 2022, and the second round of audible siren testing will occur on September 12 – 16 and September 21 between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

On Monday, September 12, crews will only be preparing for the tests. On Tuesday, September 13, crews are expected to test each new siren individually – one siren at a time testing. Then, on Wednesday, September 14 and 21, the regular noon test of the existing siren system will occur.

This will be followed by a full test of the new siren system (all new sirens will sound off simultaneously). If more testing is needed later in the week of September 12, crews will also test the new sirens on Thursday and Friday, September 15 and 16.

The nine new sirens in Carnation that will be tested are located at:

1. 35805 NE 80th St (outdoor siren)

2. 6921 Tolt River Rd NE (outdoor siren)

3. 5502 Tolt River Rd NE (outdoor siren)

4. 32421 E Entwistle St (outdoor siren)

5. 334th Ave NE and Tolt River Road NE (outdoor siren)

6. 4950 Tolt Ave –Elementary School (indoor annunciator)

7. 3740 Tolt Avenue –Middle School (indoor annunciator)

8. 3944 320th Ave NE – Bus Facility (indoor annunciator)

9. 3600 Tolt Ave – Fire Station (indoor annunciator)

When all rounds of testing are complete, and the new Tolt Dam siren system is fully commissioned, it will be ready to be turned on and replace the existing system. As we get closer to this exciting milestone, SPU will stay connected to the community to ensure Carnation residents, businesses, and visitors are ready and know what to expect when the new siren system goes live.

For the latest information about the project, including testing, please continue to check this website and subscribe to the project email list.  

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