Siren Testing for the New Tolt Dam Early Warning System to Occur July 11, 12, 14 & 15

Seattle Public Utilities has completed the first phase of construction for the new state-of-the-art Tolt Dam Early Warning System.

Four new outdoor and five new indoor sirens (annunciators) have been installed in Carnation, WA, to replace the outdated existing system. Now, it’s time to test the new system.

Full audible testing of the new sirens will occur July 11, 12, 14 and 15 between 9 am and 5 pm. During this period, residents in the Carnation area may hear loud sirens and see flashing alerts multiple times throughout the day.

SPU South Tolt River Dam. Photo: City of Carnation Facebook

Audio messages in English and Spanish stating that the sirens are a test will be played before and after each round of testing, so residents are aware system testing is taking place, and there is no emergency.

Note: The new sirens will not be tested on Wednesday, July 13. The regular Wednesday at Noon test of the existing warning system will take place as normal.

The nine new sirens in Carnation that will be tested are located at:

1. 35805 NE 80th St (outdoor siren)

2. 6921 Tolt River Rd NE (outdoor siren)

3. 5502 Tolt River Rd NE (outdoor siren)

4. 32421 E Entwistle St (outdoor siren)

5. 334th Ave NE and Tolt River Road NE (outdoor siren)

6. 4950 Tolt Ave –Elementary School (indoor annunciator)

7. 3740 Tolt Avenue –Middle School (indoor annunciator)

8. 3944 320th Ave NE – Bus Facility (indoor annunciator)

9. 3600 Tolt Ave – Fire Station (indoor annunciator)

Once the testing is complete, and the new Tolt Dam Early Warning system is fully commissioned, it will be turned on. We anticipate that this first phase of project completion will occur later this summer.

For the latest information about the project, including testing, please check the project’s website at

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