Sign Of The Times? TPC Snoquamie Ridge Loosens Dress Code

In an effort to increase member satisfaction (and possibly attract new members) TPC Snoqualmie Ridge is at long-last allowing denim inside itsclubhouse.   Denim is still not allowed on the golf course or any of its practice areas.  The policy change was effective February 8th.

TPC Snoqualmie Ridge opened in 1999 as a part of the Snoqualmie Ridge master planned community.  The course was designed by Jack Nickalaus as a tournament players course – or TPC.    That designation reflects a licensing agreement with the PGA tour and means the course was designed and constructed to accommodate the professional golf circuit and major events.

So is the policy change just a sign of the times?  Or is it a sign of the economic times?  Probably a little bit of both.  In an era when most companies allow employees to wear nice denim at the office, the change seems appropriate.  I know many club members are thrilled with the change.  Having been to the club as a guest a few times, I know I always dig for something non-denim.  Yes, I am limited.

When TPC Snoqualmie Ridge opened it was the only place to dine on the Ridge – if you joined – until 2002 when the first retail block was constructed.  Snoqualmie now has numerous dining options meaning more competition for the club’s restaurant.  The club is hoping the policy revision creates more opportunities for members and their families to dine on a more frequent basis.  Can a simple dress code change boost membership and increase restaurant patronage?  It will be interesting to find out if the move is successful.

The no denim policy still applies to specific holiday club events like Valentines Dinner, Easter, Mother’s Day and Santa Brunch.  For more information on TPC Snoqualmie Ridge visit  To see revised policy:  DressCode2011.

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