Senator Hawkins announces Senate re-election campaign

Two-term 12th District State Senator Brad Hawkins has announced his re-election campaign.

Senator Hawkins, known for his bipartisanship, good communication, and putting public service before politics, has served in the State Senate since 2017 and is a former State Representative and school board member.

Hawkins is the Ranking Member of the Senate’s Education Committee and has led statewide efforts in Olympia on wildfire management, renewable hydrogen, transportation, affordable housing, and education issues. He has helped secure funding for important infrastructure projects and supported the 2022 state transportation plan that includes key funding for improvements along Highway 18.

Hawkins has a Master’s Degree from George Washington University’s School of Public Policy and Administration in Washington, DC and a Bachelor’s Degree with honors from Central Washington University. His family has a proud history of community service and has continued that tradition by serving for over 20 years for school districts, public power utilities, and non-profit organizations.

Hawkins said, “Our district needs an experienced legislator working for us, and I ask for people’s continued support. I’ve worked very hard in recent years to support the Snoqualmie Valley. Many constituents have shared their appreciation for my active efforts, including hosting annual listening sessions, open houses, and legislative recaps.”

He said, “I pride myself in being a good communicator, sharing facts, respecting differences, and getting results. I have gained valuable experience at the State Capitol and have delivered for our district.”

As State Senator, his bills passed include: SB 5670 Running Start, SB 5001 Public Facilities, SB 5868 Affordable Housing, SB 5000 Hydrogen Vehicles, SB 5158 Utility Wildfires, SB 6032 Washington Apples License Plate, SB 5588 Renewable Hydrogen, SB 6211 Natural Resources, SB 6055 Leavenworth Project, SB 5546 Forest Health Plan, SB 5270 Timber Practices, and SB 5649 Transportation Planning.

During his two terms in the State Senate, Hawkins has secured funding for several key transportation, affordable housing, outdoor recreation, and school facility projects.

He and his wife, Shawna, have been married since 2002 and have two teenage boys. His experience includes ten years on school boards and 18 years for a public utility. Senator Hawkins serves on the Education, Higher Education, and Transportation committees.

Hawkins added, “The legislative process is very complicated and takes years to learn. I hope to continue putting my experience to work for the people of the 12th District. I have a proven record of placing public service before politics and getting the job done.”

Hawkins’ Senate Bills Approved

  • SB 5670 Summer Running Start (2024)
  • SB 5001 Public Facilities (2023)
  • SB 5868 Affordable Housing (2022)
  • SB 5000 Hydrogen Vehicles (2021)
  • SB 5158 Utility Wildfires (2021)
  • SB 6032 Washington Apples License Plate (2020)
  • SB 5588 Renewable Hydrogen (2019)
  • SB 6211 Natural Resource Accounts (2018)
  • SB 6055 Leavenworth Pilot Project (2018)
  • SB 5546 Forest Health Plan (2017)
  • SB 5270 Timber Practices (2017)
  • SB 5649 Transportation Planning (2017)

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