See ‘The Peanuts Movie,’ Support Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation Important Programs

Have you heard of the Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation… know about they work to do?

Originally started as Citizens for Better Schools, the local non-profit foundation is composed entirely of volunteer parents, community members, and business sponsors – and has been quietly funding SVSD classroom grants for 25 years now.

Over the past few years, the Foundation also began funding essential district-wide initiatives (like STEM, TEALS, IXL math, MSHS Festival of the Arts) and professional development opportunities for teachers.

BUT… in order to fund these things for students and staff, the vital non-profit has to fundraise – and one of those FUN fundraisers is Family Move Day, which happens at the North Bend Theatre this Saturday, November 14, 2015.

This year’s 4th Annual Movie Day features The Peanuts Movie – described as Charlie Brown’s heart-warming (and life-changing) quest for the elusive red-haired girl.

Tickets are available online or at the door. Admission is $14 ($15 at door) for adults, $10 ($11 at door) for kids and includes a small popcorn and soda.

Doors open at 11AM, with the movie starting at 12PM. Oh, and if you bring an item to donate to the food bank you’ll be entered into a drawing for an gift certificate.

All proceeds from the Movie Day event support the Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation and the important SVSD programs they fund.

So head to the North Bend, support a great cause and catch up with Charlie Brown and the gang – the comic strip many parents today grew up on!

To purchase tickets to The Peanuts Movie at the North Bend Theatre visit


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