Seasonal Moratorium on Outdoor Burning Begins June 15

Eastside Fire & Rescue (EF&R) is taking proactive measures to ensure community safety by implementing its annual burning moratorium as the summer months approach.

Starting June 15 and continuing through September 30, 2024, all residential yard waste burning will be prohibited to mitigate the risk of wildfires in increasingly dry and warm weather conditions.

Community Safety Takes Priority

The EF&R’s burning moratorium is critical in protecting neighborhoods from potential fire hazards each year. With the arrival of summer, vegetation becomes drier and more susceptible to ignition. This year’s moratorium, underpinned by Resolution 96-11, emphasizes the need for heightened caution.

The resolution, established to govern burning within the EF&R District, is a cornerstone of local fire safety regulations. While it accommodates certain outdoor fires through permits, it imposes strict guidelines to prevent uncontrollable blazes.

Guidelines for Recreational Fires

Despite the ban on burning yard waste, residents can still enjoy recreational fires, provided they adhere to specific safety measures. EF&R has made no-fee permits available for fires that use dry, seasoned wood. These permits can be easily obtained through the EF&R website.

Recreational fires must be kept within a 3-foot diameter and a 2-foot height and contained in designated fire pits, rings, or approved appliances. Additionally, all fires must comply with air quality regulations set by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency and burn bans enforced by the King County Fire Marshal’s Office.

Keeping Your Home Safe

EF&R encourages homeowners to create defensible spaces around their properties. This practice involves clearing combustible materials and maintaining a safe zone that can help prevent wildfires from spreading to residential structures.

The EF&R website offers detailed guidelines and tips for wildfire readiness and valuable resources for the community.

The Role of Permits

Burn permits play an essential role in maintaining safe burning practices. For residential fires, permits are issued for properties outside the Urban Growth Area, ensuring a 50-foot buffer from structures or combustible materials. These fires are allowed from 10 am until sunset; only natural vegetation can be burned.

A permit is not required for manufactured cooking devices for recreational and cooking fires. However, open pit fires must be contained and kept free from materials that could allow the fire to spread. These fires should not exceed 3 x 3 x 2 feet and must maintain a 25-foot separation from any structures.

Additional Support and Information

EF&R provides extensive support to residents seeking to understand and comply with these regulations. The organization offers clear guidance on obtaining permits and safely conducting permissible fires. For further details or to apply for a burn permit, residents can visit the EF&R website or contact the following:

Puget Sound Clean Air Agency: (800) 595-4341 or

Eastside Fire & Rescue: (425) 313-3200 or

As the community prepares for the dry summer season, the EF&R’s burning moratorium serves as a vital reminder of the importance of fire safety and the collective responsibility to protect homes and natural landscapes from the devastating effects of wildfires.

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