Sasquatch Spotted Streetside in North Bend

As soon as Bob Antone’s wood sculpture moved outside (and streetside) of the North Bend Visitors Center and Mountain View Art Gallery, the questions started. One resident asked, “What is up with the driftwood monster attached to the NB Welcome Center?” sasquatch

Driftwood monster she is not. She is actually ‘Sasquatch,‘ a unique art piece created with white cedar bark and sticks, by local artist, Bob Antone.

While on display inside the Visitors Center and Art Gallery in October and November, Antone’s Sasquatch was popular. But once moved outside, she has garnered even more attention.

Sasquatch is hard to miss. Antone’s abstract wood sculpture stands about 10 feet tall and pretty much greets you as you enter downtown North Bend on Bendigo Blvd. One local resident described Sasquatch as reminding her of a living tree. Another resident said she’s just a little bit scary at first.

The new North Bend Visitors Center and Mountain View Art Gallery, a collaborative partnership between the City of North Bend, the Downtown Foundation and a large volunteer base, opened in early September.  The art gallery features local artists for two months at a time.

Antone’s wood art was some of the first local work showcased at the new gallery. At the end of his two-month art display run in November, Bob generously moved his ‘question-generating’ Sasquatch streetside.

And that’s where she now sits – looking like she may raise her arm to wave to drivers or shake the hand of visitors at any moment… and making quite an impression.

North Bend Visitors Center Manager, Pamela Wickward, said Bob Antone even added a new touch to Sasquatch when she moved outdoors – a heart. Pamela said Bob carved a heart and attached it to the giant Sasquatch.

So yes, maybe she IS a living art piece – heart and all. Next time I drive by I’ll have to wave and see what happens.

If you feel like checking out more local Snoqualmie Valley artists stop by the Visitors Center.  They’re open Wednesday – Friday from 11AM-5PM and Saturday and Sunday for 10AM-5PM.

sasquatch out front
Antone’s abstract, wood sculpture, Sasquatch, greets visitors and residents outside the North Bend Visitors Center and Mountain View Art Gallery at the corner of Bendigo Blvd and Park Street.
constructing Sasquatch
Bob Antone creating his Sasquatch sculpture inside the North Bend Visitors Center and Art Gallery in late September.





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