Salish Lodge & Spa and Snoqualmie Tribe Announce Plans for Snoqualmie Falls Gift Shop & Visitor Center

The Snoqualmie Tribe, in partnership with Salish Lodge & Spa, the iconic resort located atop Snoqualmie Falls, announced today that renovations of the former Falls Gift Shop are underway and will become the Snoqualmie Falls sdukwalbixw Gift Shop and Visitor Center to highlight the significance of the site for the Snoqualmie people and their heritage. Salish Lodge & Spa is managed and operated by Columbia Hospitality.

Snoqualmie Falls and the surrounding area are sacred to the Snoqualmie Tribe. The Tribe’s commitment to the protection and preservation of the area has been evident since before they purchased Salish Lodge and the adjacent acreage in 2019 for $125 million to prohibit a development that had been planned for the area. Today, it is important that the millions of visitors to the area are familiar with the Tribe’s story and the Falls’ cultural importance.

“Over two million people travel from all over the world to visit our sacred site each year,” said Robert M. de los Angeles, chairman of the Snoqualmie Tribe. “While they are here, we want to make sure they are aware of how important and sacred this site is to the Snoqualmie people, how we have cared for it since time immemorial, and the need to protect it from continued desecration. It is important that this story is told directly by the Tribe in a way that is authentic and educational, which is what makes this project so exciting.”

 In line with this mission, the new visitor center experience will place emphasis on the Snoqualmie Tribe’s history, culture, and people. The renovation will feature art from Snoqualmie Tribal artists, educational and cultural resources, as well as a café with coffee and locally made treats for guests to enjoy.

“We truly value and celebrate our relationship with the Snoqualmie Tribe and are honored to be implementing more education around the cultural significance of the Falls to the Tribe,” said Alan Stephens, General Manager at Salish Lodge & Spa. “It is important for our visitors to learn about the Falls and the Tribe’s greater ancestral lands, and this effort brings that to life in a permanent and meaningful way.”

The Snoqualmie Falls sdukwalbixw Gift Shop and Visitor Center is expected to open in the spring of 2023. For more information, please visit

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