Salish Lodge Management Company, Columbia Hospitality, Taking Over TPC Snoqualmie Ridge

Effective October 1, 2013, TPC Snoqualmie Ridge will be run by Seattle-based management company Columbia Hospitality.  TPC Snoqualmie Ridge, formerly owned by BrightStar Golf, was sold to Arcis Equity this past July.

The private golf, “Tournament Players Course,” is the only course carrying the TPC designation in the Pacific Northwest.  That designation means the Snoqualmie course was designed and constructed to accommodate the professional golf circuit and major professional tour events, including the annual Boeing Classic held each August in Snoqualmie.

Columbia Hospitality, manages numerous boutique hotels across Washington, including the nearby 4 Diamond Salish Lodge and Spa.

According to a letter announcing the new management, TPC General Manager Shelly Inman said Columbia Hospitality “is the innovative partner needed to take us to the next level in customer service, improve the quality of our culinary programs, and provide the hospitality expertise to bring… members an enhanced overall experience here at the club.”

Inman went on to say members will begin to see Columbia’s senior management on site immediately as they work to ensure a smooth transition in management.



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