Salary Commission approves substantial raises for Snoqualmie mayor, council; first in over decade

According to a City of Snoqualmie news release, at an October 23rd meeting and public hearing, the Snoqualmie Salary Commission approved salary increases for the Mayor and City Council member positions.

The mayor’s monthly salary will increase from $2,500 to $3,000 and salaries of City Council members will increase $500 to $750 per month. The Mayor pro tem will continue to receive an additional $100 monthly for duties performed.

The salary increases will take effect January 1, 2019. Snoqualmie has roughly 14,000 citizens.

Per the release, the Salary Commission adjusted salaries “to match inflation and to keep in line with Washington cities of similar size, cost of living, and services provided.” The last Mayor salary increase took place in 2008, and the last City Council member increase was in 2000.

The commission also continued the ability of elected officials and their immediate family to participate in any city health insurance plan, provided officials pay the insurance premiums. At least fifty percent of elected officials must be enrolled to meet insurance provider eligibility requirements.

The Snoqualmie Salary Commission was established in May 2018 and serves as an independent decision-making body. It consists of three members who reside and are registered voters in Snoqualmie. Members serve a one-year term. Current commissioners Lee Pasquarella, Christina Nguyen (Chair) and Melynda Kite (Vice-Chair).

In nearby North Bend, with approximately 7,000 residents, council members make $500/month and the mayor $3000/month.

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