Police close North Fork Road for hours to deal with barricaded male


KCSO Sgt. Cindi West said the male was taken into custody, with no injuries. She did not have immediate information regarding how the situation was resolved, though. A witness at the scene said SWAT members were actively communicating with the male during the incident, attempting to resolve the situation peacefully.



The King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) reported Friday evening, June 30, 2017, that it had roads blocked near the 7500 block of North Fork Road SE in the Ernies Grove area of Snoqualmie.

KCSO Sgt. Cindi West said around 4PM deputies responded to a home where a domestic disturbance between a mother and son had been reported. When deputies arrived the male barricaded himself in the home alone.

Sgt West said the male was suspected to have knives and possibly a gun. The road remained blocked while deputies worked to get the male out of the home safely.

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