Riverbend Cafe, a Happy Place at Happy Hour

I have always been a fan of the food at the Riverbend Cafe in North Bend.  Admittedly, we don’t get there that much.  Why?  Well, mostly because I am lazy and tend to eat out close to home.

But circumstances have brought on some changes in our daily lives, changes that have added more North Bend restaurants to our regular repertoire of eating out locations.

My Snoqualmie child has attended school in North Bend for four years now… so I am learning.  Learning about new streets, new shortcuts, new views of the river AND adding new places to my list of great Snoqualmie Valley places to eat.

What to do when your child has a concert at Twin Falls Middle School and has to be there an hour early?  Going back home really isn’t an option when your home is 20 minutes away.  So concert nights have kind of become short ‘date nights.’

Last night we visited the Riverbend Cafe, right off I-90 exit 32, for about a half hour.  It was 30 minutes well spent…. and to top it off it was Ladies Night Happy Hour.

The waitress was great – friendly, funny and fast – just our kind of welcomed service when on a tight time crunch.  Oh, and the place was packed.  You must all love this Thursday happy hour.

An order of appetizer meatballs (as the waitress  recommended) and a glass of wine (half off because it was ladies night) and the check was delivered with 10 minutes to spare for a quick dash back to a wonderful middle school choir concert.

It was a short ‘date night.’  A better description might be a ‘date hour,’ but it was great.  Maybe next time we’ll even have time to finish more than just the food.

And the bill?  Well, let’s just say it was a deal lovers dream. An appetizer and one glass each of NOT house white wine came to a total of $13.52 with tax. The funny, friendly, fast waitress was overtipped as we sat shocked by such a great happy hour deal.

Thanks Riverbend Cafe – our new ‘date hour’ hangout for middle school event nights!


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