Reunited: Opstad Elementary Teachers, Students pull off special reverse Car Parade on North Bend campus

After 2 1/2 months of not seeing each other in person, Opstad Elementary teachers and students reunited for lots of socially distanced happy ‘Hi’s’ and waves. Oh, and lots of signs and balloons, too.

Opstad administrators took a different approach for the May 22nd car parade. This time, instead of teachers driving through students’ neighborhoods, they brought the kids to the teachers.

Teachers and other staff members spread out around the Opstad Elementary campus in North Bend while parents drove their kids around the perimeter of the school.

[On a practical note, it was also used as an opportunity for kids to return their library books.]

A good time was had by all involved…. kids missing school and their teachers and those teachers who were missing students.

Way to go Otters! KIRO News was also there and did a story on the creative reverse parade.

Osptad Elementary Kindergarten teachers at the 5/22/20 reverse parade.

[Thanks to Stephanie Bailey for the video and pictures. ]

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