Residents say Wanted Serial Burglar Suspected in Fall City Break-in; Multiple Break-ins Reported in Past Month

According to Helene Wentink, Spring Glen Homeowners Association Board Member in Fall City, her neighborhood has experienced “three confirmed and fully-reported break-ins” in the last month between the Spring Glen neighborhood and Fish Hatchery Road in the 361st/SR 202 area.

Wentink explained via email that in one of the robberies, a homeowner surprised the burglar after hearing him come in the back door. That homeowner then subsequently identified the individual to the King County Sheriff’s Office.

Spring Glen homeowners say that burglar may be suspected serial burglar, Jacob Wirachowsky, who has been operating all over King County. Wentink says the homeowners association is doing its part “to make sure people are aware.”

Washington’s Most Wanted executive producer and host, and Q13 Fox News Anchor, David Rose, stated the last he had heard, the suspected serial burglar had operated in the Fall City area – and that the Kent Police Department was leading the effort to catch him.

Washington’s Most Wanted ran a story on Wirachowsky on November 27, 2014. David Rose stated the suspected serial burglar “is hitting everywhere…no neighborhood is safe.” Rose added, “He vows the police will have to kill him before he goes back to prison.”

King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) Sergeant DB Gates stated Wirachowsky is a well-known burglar throughout the entire, greater King County area (to include Fall City) and is being investigated by KCSO and other agencies. KCSO detectives are working with other agencies to arrest and charge him. Gates stated, “He is by no means exclusive to the Fall City area.”

Police ask that if anyone sees Wirachowsky to call 9-1-1.

According to Washington’s Most Wanted, if anyone knows where Kent police can find Wirachowsky, they can also call an anonymous tip into CRIME STOPPERS at 1-800-222-TIPS.


[** The information in Washington’s Most Wanted story came from Kent Police, not the King County Sheriff’s Office**] 


Suspect serial burglar, Jacob Wirachowsky, featured on Washington's Most Wanted on 11/27/14.
Suspect serial burglar, Jacob Wirachowsky, featured on Washington’s Most Wanted (WMW) on 11/27/14. Photo: screenshot WMW



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