Paying it Forward: Rescued Hikers Host Party, Fundraiser to Thank King County Search and Rescue

On October 25, 2015 Elizabeth and Jennifer Moran left their kids at home and set out to meet friends for a short two-hour hike on the Pratt River Trail in the Snoqualmie Middle Fork area near North Bend.

What actually transpired was beyond anything they say they’ve ever experienced – and launched a large Search and Rescue operation that made local headlines.

The couple from Bothell got lost – something one veteran search and rescue volunteer said is common in the Middle Fork area. The Moran’s short 6-mile, two-hour hiking excursion turned into an unplanned, frightening overnight excursion in the wilderness in 50 degree temperatures.

After 24 hours lost in the popular hiking area, 60+ SAR volunteers finally located the women, turned around and about four miles off of the trail. They were cold, wet and grateful to going home to their five kids, family and friends.

Paying it Forward for other Lost Hikers

Now, to show their gratitude they are sponsoring a fundraiser to say thank you to the King County Search and Rescue Association, which is comprised almost entirely of volunteers dedicated to bringing lost and injured outdoor enthusiasts back to their loved ones – often without praise or acknowledgement.

Elizabeth and Jennifer have titled the event, “Our Story Party…a Benefit for King County Search and Rescue.” It’s their version of a big thank you card for those 60 volunteers who spent day and night searching for them.

On Thursday, March 10th from 6PM – 9PM at the Baltic Room in Seattle, the ladies will share their story, offer education about King County Search and Rescue, as well as offering a special area for smaller “tree huggers” who want to tag along with parents.

Both event space and heavy appetizers were donated – and tickets are under $30. Funds raised will be donated to KCSAR so they can continue on their mission to bring those lost or hurt home.

For more information or to purchase tickets visit the Moran’s Eventbrite page HERE.


Elizabeth and Jennifer Moran. Photo: Facebook
Elizabeth and Jennifer Moran. Photo: Facebook



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