Remains Discovered on Mount Si Identified as Human, Medical Examiner Working on Identification

Numerous Snoqualmie Valley residents noticed the helicopter hovering and circling over Mount Si Wednesday, June 17, 2015 as helicopterthe King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) worked to remove remains discovered by an off-trail hiker on a remote area of Mount Si earlier in the week.

Detective Jason Houck said a Guardian helicopter hoisted KCSO personnel onto the mountain to carefully collect and transport the remains to the King County Medical Examiner’s Office, who would positively determine if the remains were human.

On Tuesday, June 23rd, the Medical Examiner’s (ME) Office identified the remains as human. Detective Houck said KCSO detectives, as well as the ME, “are continuing to work on an identification, as well as the cause of death.”

There was speculation when the remains were discovered that they might be those of missing skydiver, 29-year-old Kurt Ruppert of Florida. Ruppert went missing in early January 2013 after jumping from a plan over Mount Si. A large search and rescue mission ensued before it was called off after four days.

Detective Houck said the Medical Examiner and KCSO are certain the remains are NOT those of Ruppert, that they had been on Mount Si “way longer” than the two and half years since the skydiver disappeared.

The Medical Examiner’s Office hopes to have more information about the remains, including a possible identification and how long they had been on the mountain, by early next week.


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