Propositions to Increase Police Service in North Bend, Preserve Si View Parks Funding on November 4th Ballot

Residents of North Bend and those within the Si View Parks District boundaries (City of North Bend and residents living in Fire District 38) have a couple of important propositions waiting for their vote on the November 4th ballot.

Did you see men holding those bright red Prop 1, Public Safety signs in the wind and pouring rain at the corner of Bendigo Blvd and North Bend Way early prop1Tuesday morning? They were there to remind residents to mail in their ballots – and ask them to vote yes on North Bend Proposition 1, which would increase police service and maintain fire service through a small sales tax increase.

Si View Parks District also has a proposition on the ballot to keep its level of funding intact. Si View Prop 1 isn’t a property tax increase, but a renewal of a current levy that is expiring. The maximum length of this particular levy is one year, which is why it’s coming back to voters so soon.  The levy would keep Si View programming at its current levels.

City of North Bend Proposition No. 1 |  Sales and Use Tax Increase of 0.1% for Public Safety and Criminal Justice Purposes

If approved, North Bend Proposition 1 would increase sales tax by 0.1%, or one penny on a ten-dollar purchase. Per a city resolution, the new tax money would be used only for public safety and criminal justice purposes, increasing the level of police service and helping to maintain the current level of fire service.

City of North Bend Prop 1 would provide:

  • An additional (8th) police officer, allowing the city to have two officers on duty 18 hours a day.
  • The police department the ability to improve its effectiveness in responding to the increased calls for service as the city continues to grow.
  • Allow for additional police emphasis patrols when needed to respond and target specific criminal activity
  • Allow Eastside Fire & Rescue to continue the same high level of fire and emergency medical service, the cost of which is expected to increase significantly over the next three years.
Si View Metropolitan Parks District PROPOSITION 1 |  One-year levy renewal for Si View Operations and Maintenance of the Community Center, Parks, Pool & Recreation Programs

In 2011, voters protected a portion (25 cents/$1000 of assessed value) of the Si View Parks levy for six years from being automatically re-allocated to other King County taxing districts.  But to keep Si View’s funding equal to 2014 levels, a one-year levy needs to be renewed.

Si View’s one-year levy is expiring. Proposition 1 is a renewal, not a tax increase. It’s a one-year Operations & Maintenance Levy that restores the remaining portion of Si View’s 2014 level funding (19 cents/$1000 of assessed value).

Without restoring the levy, Si View faces reductions in operations for 2015, including Si View Community Center, parks, pool and recreation programs. The projected reduction in funding without this levy renewal equals over $450,000 – or 44% less revenue than in 2014.

Ballots must be mailed and post-marked by Tuesday, November 4, 2014. For information on local ballot drop boxes visit King County Elections.


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