Project Grace raises nearly $200,000 for Seattle Children’s with latest fundraiser

The Project Grace Guild might need to be called “The Little Guild that Could.”

Project Grace raises money to support uncompensated care at Seattle Children’s, which provides care for sick and injured children regardless of a families’ ability to pay. 

The guild was founded in 2007 by eight friends inspired while at an event hosted by an existing Seattle Children’s Guild. Also having children who had been cared for at Seattle Children’s, the women decided to launch their own guild.

Over the past decade Project Grace has expanded to include 16 Snoqualmie Valley women, their events have expanded and the amount of money raised for Seattle Children’s continues to increase .

In 2011 we told you about the $85,000 their yearly auction raised. On May 17th, Project Grace hosted its 9th annual Dinner and Auction at The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge – titled Shoot the Moon. 200 guest attended the event which was MC’ed by Chris Cashman. By night’s end Shoot the Moon raised $195,000 for Seattle Children’s.

Members say they’re very committed to supporting Seattle Children’s Hospital and a continued legacy of giving for children and their families – and by donating time and raising money to support uncompensated care, they hope to make a positive impact in the lives of local families.

As their history states… it’s about paying it forward. Project Grace member say they were blessed with the care their kids received at Seattle Children’s and want to ensure it’s always able to do the same for other families.

There are roughly 450 local guilds in the Seattle Children’s Guild Association, with approximately 6,200 members. In 2016 these guilds raised a record-breaking $15.7 million to support uncompensated care and research for area children.
For the past four years, Project Grace Guild has been listed as one of the Top 25 Seattle Children’s guilds.

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