Products of Recent Snoqualmie Filming Activity Unveiled: Washington State Lottery Commercials

Remember all the recent early morning filming in downtown Snoqualmie that backed up traffic just as school was starting for the day?  Filming that the Northwest Railway Museum’s Director of Marketing, Jennifer Osborn, couldn’t comment on?

Well, yesterday the Northwest Railway Museum revealed what that filming was for –  Washington State Lottery commercials, one featuring a historic museum train car.

The museum hosted the Lottery and its film production crews on sunny May 3, 2013 for the two commercials.  It was obvious from observing the activity that the train was playing a key role in one and the race car in the other, but how it all would come together was a mystery until this week.

The train conductor commercial features main character Jim, who upgrades his train hobby/passion after winning the lottery.  The race car commercial features Dan, a bad driver, and portions were filmed in the Snoqualmie Valley Methodist Church parking lot. Both commercials have a comedic twist to them.

They are both running on TV now so watch for them.  To see the conductor commercial you can also visit the Northwest Railway Museum blog.

Photo: Screenshot WA State Lotter commercial
Photo: Screenshot WA State Lotter commercial

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