Police say No Threat to Mount Si High School, after school’s tip line leads to overnight investigation

Mount Si High School Principal John Belcher sent out an early morning email to students and parents, addressing the tips the school had received regarding a possible threat of violence on March 2, 2018.

Belcher stated after an investigation they determined the there is no threat to Mount Si, but as a precautionary measure Snoqualmie Police will be on campus Friday morning to help students feel safe, and ensure a normal start to the school day.

Mount Si will start at its normal time, Friday, March 2nd, which is 7:40AM.

You can read Principal Belcher’s full email regarding the threat tips and investigation below:

“Over the past few hours, the school received anonymous tips – via the school tipline – regarding possible threats of violence, posted on a bathroom wall, occurring at Mount Si High School on Friday, March 2.  We have been working closely with the Snoqualmie Police throughout the night to investigate those concerns.

As a result, please know that the police have now concluded that they believe there is no threat to our school.

Purely as a precautionary measure, we have asked the Snoqualmie Police Department to be present at Mount Si High School this morning as well, to help students feel safe and ensure a normal safe start to the school day.

Since rumors are circulating in social media tonight, I wanted to send this message as soon as possible (approximately 4:15 a.m.) to help offer some assurances and a bit more context to those who are understandably concerned.  Police shared that a similar report affected another school yesterday in Yakima, where a message was sent through social media that included a photo of a threatening message on a bathroom wall.  Police believe someone may have seen this online, and while questioning the location, and an assumption of Mount Si may have been suggested which they believe lead to rumors spreading quickly and understandably causing concern. In our investigation, all bathrooms at the Mount Si High School’s main campus and freshman campus have been thoroughly searched and no evidence of a credible threat was found.

Based on this conclusion, school will operate on the regular Friday schedule today, March 2.

Please know that the safety of your children is our top priority.  We work closely with law enforcement and take EVERY threat seriously.  Given recent events in the news and this time of heightened anxiety around keeping students safe, we will always error on the side of caution with any threats reported. Thank you to the students and/or parents who took time to report their concerns. Your efforts to see something and say something are vitally important.

We appreciate your partnership in keeping our schools and students safe.”

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