Police: prevent front porch package theft, car prowls and ‘report suspicious behavior, people and vehicles’ immediately

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone – which means online shopping and home delivery of packages is ramping up for the holiday season.

So…the Snoqualmie Police Department is reminding citizens that it’s time to start thinking about ways to decrease the chances of front porch package thefts.

Package theft is something that tends to happen in the Snoqualmie Valley, as well as in other Eastside cities, around the holidays. If you do notice suspicious activity, SPD says it’s important to contact them immediately.

Some ways to avoid front porch theft: 

  • Require a signature of receipt for deliveries.
  • Have packages shipped to a location where someone will be available to receive them, such as a workplace or the home of a neighbor, friend, or relative who will be home to receive the packages.
  • Some companies offer delivery to pick up boxes at local retail locations.
  • When on vacation, notify the post office to stop the delivery of mail and packages until you return home.

Avoiding Car Prowls

SPD says car prowls can also be a problem in residential neighborhoods, retail districts, and malls during the holiday season.

This time of year it’s important to lock cars every time they are unattended, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Do not leave valuables or shopping bags in view – take them inside or put them in the trunk.

And don’t forget to park vehicles in highly visible, well-lit locations, preferably in closed and locked garages. When not parked in a garage, remote garage door openers should be removed to avoid home entry.

Report Suspicious Activity Immediately

Over the weekend, Snoqualmie Police also reminded citizens via Twitter “to report suspicious behavior, people and vehicles to 911 immediately for quicker response.”

In March a resident immediately reported a suspicious person taking a package from a neighbor’s porch and with their suspect description, officers were able to track down the man within a few minutes.

Many times residents report incidents on social media, but SPD does not monitor local Facebook or Next Door pages, so it’s important to notify them directly and promptly.

If you see any suspicious behavior or have any concerns, you can report it to the Snoqualmie Police Department by calling the non-emergency line at 425-888-3333, or call 911 for immediate response.

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