Police Blotter | Vehicle Prowl Report; Traffic Hazard; Missing Person Report

January 22, 2024

While on routine patrol, officers were advised by dispatch that a citizen wanted to report a vehicle prowl at The Goddard School on SE 96th ST in Snoqualmie. Upon arrival, the officer contacted the reporting party, who stated that she walked into the school around 8:30 am for approximately 5 minutes to drop off her child.

While inside, another parent told her that her car had been broken into. Officers met on the scene and observed the smashed window. Stolen items were valued at $2,800, including a purse, wallet, laptop, tote bag, as well as various credit cards, and her ID. The officer reviewed the school’s surveillance footage, which showed a silver SUV entering the parking lot and a male dressed in dark clothing smashing the car window. The incident happened within 10 seconds. The suspect then got back into the SUV and fled the scene.

January 22, 2024

While on patrol, an officer was parked on the shoulder of North Bend Way near Stone Quarry Road when a white sedan passed by. The officer ran the vehicle’s license plate, which showed it was sold in Wenatchee in August 2023, and the title had not been transferred. The officer initiated a traffic stop for failure to transfer the vehicle title within 45 days. Additionally, the status of the driver returned with a suspended license. The driver was issued a citation for driving with a license suspended in the 1st degree.

January 22, 2024

At around 7 am, an officer responded to a traffic hazard on North Bend Way near Truck Town. After dumping, a dump truck driver had forgotten to lower his bed and struck the overhead cable lines while driving down 468th Ave. The impact also knocked down a utility pole and covered the dump truck with cable lines. The driver was able to get out safely. The officer secured the scene and contacted the driver and the electrical company. The area was closed for the day for repairs.

January 25, 2024

Around 12:25 am, an officer was patrolling downtown Snoqualmie when he noticed subjects at Riverview Park. The officer contacted the male and female because the subjects were in the park after hours. The officer noticed several cans of beer sitting on the picnic table. Consuming alcohol is prohibited in parks under the municipal code. The officer advised the subjects that they were trespassing and asked both individuals for their identification. The female became very confrontational and did not want to identify herself.

As she was walking away from the officer, she was detained and taken into custody for trespassing. The male identified himself and was released on a warning. While being transported to Issaquah City Jail (ICJ), the female was verbally abusive towards the officer. Upon arrival at ICJ, she calmed down and later apologized for her actions. The officer said he would not book her in jail if she identified herself. She complied. The officer then drove her back to Snoqualmie, cited her for criminal trespass and released her.

January 25, 2024

At around 8:30 pm, an officer performed a traffic stop on a vehicle heading southbound on Bendigo Blvd in North Bend. The vehicle was missing a front license plate and appeared to have an illegal tint on the rear windows. The vehicle passenger was the registered owner, but neither the driver nor the passenger had the vehicle’s registration or proof of insurance. The driver also had warrants for her arrest and a suspended license. The officer arrested the driver and transported her to Issaquah City Jail. The driver was not admitted to jail for medical reasons and was instead transported to the hospital. 

January 25, 2024

At around 10 am, an officer responded to a missing person report at a North Bend medical facility. A patient had fled from their room’s window approximately an hour earlier. The officer contacted a nurse and received a description.

After receiving the subject’s description, an officer realized they had seen a person matching the description earlier at the intersection of Bendigo and North Bend Way. Officers then performed an area check of local businesses and found the missing man in Twede’s Café. Transportation was arranged to take the subject home.

January 26, 2024

At around 4 pm, an officer responded to a fraud report. The officer contacted the victim, who accidentally left her checkbook at her former place of employment and noticed a recent $150 cashed check. The officer investigated the individual who cashed the check and spoke with the bank to get further details about the check and where it was deposited. The suspect was charged with theft 3 for writing a check to herself from the victim’s checkbook.

January 27, 2024

While on routine patrol, officers were dispatched to a theft in progress at the Snoqualmie Safeway. Officers were told that three juvenile females stole one bottle of alcohol and were on foot heading toward Mod Pizza. Officers saw the females in front of the Bartell Drugs and initiated their emergency lights to detain the juveniles. The officer approached the juveniles and explained the reason for the contact, asking for the location of the alcohol.

One of the females opened her purse and pulled out three bottles of alcohol. All three females were identified, with two coming back clear. One came back as a reported missing person out of Bellevue. The listed parent/guardian was contacted and was en route to pick up her daughter. Officers then had the reporting party identify which female had concealed the alcohol in the purse and walked out without purchasing it. That female was cited for theft in the third degree. Two of the females were released, and the other female, who was reported missing, was brought back to the police station awaiting their parents. 

[Information provided by the City of Snoqualmie]

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