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January 8, 2024

Officers were dispatched to an abandoned vehicle at SE 140th and SE North Bend Way. The vehicle had a note posted on the window stating they would be at the North Bend Motel and left contact information. The officer called that number multiple times with no answer. After running the plates, the officer found that the vehicle’s registration was 45 days expired. Also, through running the plates, the officer identified the registered owner and then checked with the North Bend Motel to see if anyone with that name had booked a room recently.

The local motel didn’t have current, past, or upcoming reservations with that name. The officer also noticed through the vehicle’s windows that there was what looked like a 1-pound bag of marijuana, which is an illegal amount with a charge of up to a class c felony. Due to the perceived illegal amount of drugs in the vehicle and the expired registration, the officer had the vehicle towed to the police station with a search warrant pending.

January 8, 2024

Officers received a call from dispatch of a shoplift in progress at the North Bend Outlet Mall Nike Store. Two individuals, a male and a female, had shoplifted various items with a total value of just under $500. Store employees called in the shoplift in progress as soon as they were able, but upon the officer’s arrival, the suspects had already fled.

According to the store employee, the male involved in this incident was identifiable and had a history of repeated shoplifting incidents at the store, totaling over $20,000 worth of stolen merchandise. The female suspect was visible on the store surveillance camera, and officers are working to identify her. The officer sent a citation to the male suspect for his repeated shoplifting.

January 9, 2024

While on patrol at around 5 am, officers pulled into the parking lot of the Snoqualmie Safeway. The officer noticed a vehicle in the parking lot, immediately turned on their lights, and started to drive off. Due to it being the only vehicle in the parking lot at such a late hour, the officer ran the license plate.

The plate came back showing the vehicle’s owner had a suspended license in the third degree. The officer then initiated his emergency lights and performed a routine traffic stop. Officers contacted the driver and issued a citation for driving without a valid license.

January 9, 2024

While on routine patrol, an officer performed an area check at Snoqualmie Point Park when they observed a white sedan with an illegal window tint and no front plate. As the officer drove by, he noticed two occupants in the vehicle. The passenger exited the vehicle, and officers made contact to receive information. The passenger became hesitant, irritable, and reluctant to give information.

Officers then contacted the driver and asked if he would voluntarily give his name, which he complied. Once officers ran the driver’s name, the passenger that previously exited the vehicle ran back into the passenger side seat and the vehicle drove off. Dispatch reported that the driver had several outstanding warrants. The suspects entered I-90 heading westbound, driving recklessly with the officer tailing with his emergency lights activated.  While exiting I-90 toward SR-18, the vehicle ran a red light at the intersection. Once the suspects entered SR-18 heading westbound, the officer had to stop the pursuit due to state law and policy.  The officer forwarded additional charges on the driver and notified the Washington State Patrol. 

January 9, 2024

While doing an area check at the North Bend Outlet Mall parking lot, an officer ran the plates of a parked vehicle. The vehicle’s license plate came back as expired in 2022, with a male driver and a female passenger in the vehicle. Upon noticing the officer’s patrol vehicle, the involved vehicle started to drive out of the parking lot.

Then, the officer activated emergency lights and attempted to stop the vehicle. The vehicle fled onto I-90, where the officer followed for a quarter mile before stopping the pursuit due to state law. The male driver was unable to be identified, but the officer identified the female passenger as the vehicle’s registered owner. The officer is working to identify the male driver.

January 11, 2024

While on patrol on Bendigo Blvd in North Bend, an officer noticed a vehicle with a hasty tape job covering the missing front passenger window. The officer conducted a traffic stop to investigate the damage to the vehicle further.

The vehicle’s plates were shown to be expired, and the male driver, who was the registered owner, had a suspended license. The female passenger was found to have warrants for her arrest. The male driver was cited for driving on a suspended license, and the female passenger was transported to the Issaquah Jail.

January 12, 2024

At 10:14 am, an officer was dispatched to a suspicious circumstances call in Snoqualmie. The officer called the reporting party, who stated that his dog was barking last night around 12:30 am. When he woke that morning, he saw footprints in the snow in his backyard. The reporting party followed the footprints to the back sliding door of a nearby house.

An officer attempted to contact the residents of the property, but no one answered. The reporting party believed it could have been a child and worried that the person could have fallen into his pool. The officer asked dispatch for a phone number for the residence and then left a voicemail requesting that the homeowner call the officer back to determine the incident. 

January 12, 2024

Officers were on routine patrol when dispatch reported a cold fraud report at Frankie’s Pizza. The officer met with the reporting party, an employee, where she stated that the suspect had come in to purchase an order of wings and salad for a total of $25.85. The suspect paid with a $100 bill. When the employee checked the bill with a counterfeit reading pen, it produced a reading that it was real. The officer explained to the employee that it was likely a real bill, but it was a $1 bill that had been acid-washed and reprinted.

The officer then showed the employee the counterfeit properties of the bill. The employee also explained that it appeared the suspect had multiple bills in his possession. The officer got a full description of the suspect and a clear photo. Officers will be working to identify the suspect.

[Information provided by the City of Snoqualmie]

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