Police Blotter | Shoplift in Progress; Traffic Offense; Vehicle vs. Elk

August 7, 2023

Officers were dispatched to the Snoqualmie Safeway for a male loading a duffle bag full of alcohol. Officers arrived, and witnesses pointed out a vehicle the male had just left in. Officers initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle.

The male matched the description of the described suspect and had the duffle bag in the vehicle. After checking his name, he returned with several warrants and was previously trespassed from the location. Officers returned $719.50 worth of alcohol to the store. The male was arrested for Theft 3rd and Criminal Trespass 1st.

August 8, 2023

Officers were dispatched to the North Bend Outlet Mall for a shoplifting incident that had just occurred involving a female suspect who put clothing into her purse and exited the store. Officers located her at a nearby store.

When questioned, she said she had nothing in her purse, but officers could see clothing with tags. After checking her name, she returned with an Issaquah warrant. She was arrested for the warrant, and additional charges were filed for theft 3rd. The stolen merchandise was returned to the store.

August 10, 2023

A vehicle was pulled over for a burnt-out headlight. After a check of the driver’s name, it was determined that he was required to have an interlock device installed in his vehicle. The officer looked in the vehicle and confirmed he did not have one. A criminal citation was issued for Ignition Interlock Device Violation.

August 11, 2023

An employee was on scene to assess the damage from a previous copper wire theft in downtown Snoqualmie when he noticed that more copper wire was bunched in piles (as if it were waiting to be picked up) and a suspicious vehicle nearby. As the employee approached the vehicle, it left at a high rate of speed without its headlights being turned on.

The employee believed he had just interrupted another theft. Tools that were used to cut the wire were left nearby. The responding officers did an area check for the vehicle but could not locate it. Officers picked up the tools and took them back to the police station to be fingerprinted. Follow-up will be conducted when the fingerprint results come back from the lab. Approx. $5000 worth of copper wire was taken.

August 11, 2023

An employee of The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge called to report that six golf carts had been stolen. When officers contacted the employee, he said four had been found nearby. After an area check, the other two were located. The employee thought juveniles had possibly taken them on a joy ride. No suspect information was known. 

August 11, 2023

A caller reported hitting an elk on SR 202 near Snoqualmie Middle School. The driver was not injured; however, the elk was deceased in the roadway. Officers called to have the elk removed. A report was completed for insurance.

August 12, 2023

A caller reported an attempted vehicle theft at a North Bend automotive shop. Surveillance video showed a female suspect getting into a vehicle, hit another vehicle in the lot before getting stuck in a ditch. The female fled in a Ford pickup occupied by three males. Officers arrived and saw that there had also been forced entry into the building through metal siding. When they went inside, they noticed all the power to the building had been turned off.

Suspects in Auto body shop attempted theft. Photo credit: Snoqualmie PD

The owner arrived, got power restored, and discovered that the business had been burglarized. Later, the Ford pickup the suspects fled in was involved with another attempted vehicle theft in Issaquah, where the owner confronted the suspects, resulting in the suspects pulling gun owner and then fleeing the location. The Ford truck was later found crashed in Tukwila. The vehicle was taken to a lab for fingerprint processing. The Snoqualmie Police Dept. is working with other agencies to identify the suspects and forward charges.

August 12, 2023

A subject returned to their vehicle after visiting Snoqualmie Falls to find their window broken out and their vehicle gone through. Luckily nothing was taken. No suspect information was known.

August 12, 2023

A moped driver was struck and thrown from his scooter after an SUV ran a stop sign and collided with the moped in North Bend. The SUV did not stay at the scene. The moped driver was taken to a nearby gas station, where aid was called. He sustained injuries. The driver of the SUV has not come forward. A hit-and-run report was completed.

August 13, 2023

A female called in to report that her ex-boyfriend had been at her location 15 minutes earlier and that she had a No Contact Order in place against the male. She then called back to say he had returned to leave flowers on her vehicle.

Officers located the male in his vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. He was detained for investigation. While detained, he claimed he swallowed drugs to avoid being booked into jail. He was medically cleared and was booked into jail for Violation of a No Contact Order and Obstruction.

[Information provided by the City of Snoqualmie] 

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