Police Blotter | got the beer, but forgot the dog; you no longer have a job; neighbor wielding scissors

January 14th

Neighbor wielding Scissors

At 10:50AM officers were dispatched to the 7800 block of Pickering Ct SE for a female acting erratic and waving scissors around. Officers arrived and found that the female had also hit another neighbor in the face. She was arrested and booked on Assault charges.

January 15th

Beer Run Forgotten Dog

Around 1:45AM, a caller reported a dog being tied up to the fence at the 76 Station in North Bend for the past 15 minutes with nobody around. Officers took the dog back to the Police Department and gave it food and water while awaiting King County Animal Control. About an hour later the dog owner’s roommate called and stated the owner had “passed out” and forgot he tied up the dog during a beer run. The dog was released to the roommate.

January 15th

Theft in Progress Behind Tree

At 9:15PM officers were dispatched to the North Bend Safeway for a Theft in Progress. The caller stated that a female was refusing to pay for items and was exiting the store. When officers arrived, the female was coming out from behind a tree on the backside of Safeway. She denied stealing anything and showed a receipt for the items she had on her. Before walking back towards the location, the officer went behind the tree she came out from behind and there were several bottles of alcohol, grocery items and cosmetic products dumped on the ground. The female then admitted to stealing and was arrested for Theft.

January 16th


Around 2:45AM an officer conducted a traffic stop for various violations at the Snoqualmie Fire station. The female driver had slurred speech and had difficulty focusing. Also, the officer could smell alcohol on the driver. The female preformed field sobriety tests and then was booked for investigation of DUI.

January 17th

You no Longer have a Job

Around 12:30pm officers received a call from a business on North Bend Way to report a theft. An employee was caught on two separate occasions taking money from the cash register. The business requested the female be charged with theft and trespassed from the location. The female was advised she no longer had a job.

January 19th

Drugs in Plain Sight

At 12:15AM an officer conducted a traffic stop at Snoqualmie Parkway and SE Swenson Dr for 3 consecutive signal violations. After driving for a coupe blocks, the vehicle finally stopped. Upon speaking to the driver, the officer saw a needle with a clear substance inside the vehicle on the floorboard. There was also other drug paraphernalia in sight. The vehicle was seized for a search warrant and the driver was booked for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Photo: SnoPo Facebook page

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