Police Blotter | DUI stuck on sidewalk; no helmets, no skateboards; warrants, warrants & more warrants; costly park vandalism

Feuding Neighbors | Pickering Court, Snoqualmie

On September 3rd around 8:10pm, Snoqualmie Officers were dispatched for a report of neighbors yelling profanities at each other. Officers arrived to find a woman who was possibly intoxicated yelling at her neighbor. They were able to get the situation calmed down and the neighbors parted ways.

Can’t Park Here | Community Park, Snoqualmie

On September 3rd around 9:00pm, Snoqualmie Officers responded to a report of of a car accident involving a male driver who was possibly intoxicated. Although the report said that the car was stuck on the sidewalk, when officers arrived at the park they were passed by the suspected vehicle. Officers were able to stop the car and the driver was arrested for DUI.

Monopoly Money | Outlet Mall, North Bend

On September 5th around 9:50am, North Bend Officers responded to a report that a woman used two fake $10 bills that looked like Monopoly money. When officers arrived, the subject had left the area, but they have the license plate number of the associated vehicle and will continue to investigate.

Park Is Closed | Snoqualmie

On September 6th around 12:50am, Snoqualmie Officer conducting nightly park security checks observed a truck in the park after closing. The officer ran a license plate check and the truck came back as stolen. The officers were able to detain the three subjects in the vehicle, all of whom had active warrants. Two subjects were booked into jail and the other was transferred to Bellevue Police for their active warrant.

Unruly Teens | Dogwood Lane SE, Snoqualmie

On September 7th around 3:05am, Snoqualmie Officers responded to the report of a group of teenagers on skateboards, not wearing helmets, knocking on doors and lighting off fireworks. Officers contacted the male subjects and confiscated their skateboards in lieu of citations. The teens will need to take the proper steps to get their skateboards back.

DUI | Snoqualmie Point Park, Snoqualmie

On September 9th around 8:00pm, officers booked a male subject who was stopped in the area of Snoqualmie Point Park for suspected driving under the influence and suspected possession of drug paraphernalia.

Warrants & Drugs | North Bend

On September 10th around 8:15pm, an officer was approached by an employee of a gas station stating that there were two subjects in the parking lot having a verbal altercation. The officer located the subjects and upon running their names, both came back with several warrants, one being a felony. Both were arrested for the warrants as well as possession of suspected drugs.

Bear Bash | Snoqualmie Valley

On September 11th around 12:30am, officers were dispatched to a report of possible intruders breaking a fence in a citizen’s back yard. They didn’t find any suspects but found bear tracks and claw marks on the fence.

DUI | Bendigo Boulevard, North Bend

On September 11th around 8:50pm, officers arrested a man for suspicion of driving under the influence. He was booked into Issaquah Jail for suspected DUI.

Vandalism | Torguson Park, North Bend

On September 13th around 4:15pm, officers were dispatched for a report of the men’s bathroom door being kicked in, the damage totaling over $1,000. The officers are obtaining video footage and will continue to investigate.

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