Police Blotter | Casting Spell to Rid Valley of Drugs, Breaking up is Hard to Do, Dinner on Fire

blotter logoHere are a few of the calls the Snoqualmie Police Department responded to in North Bend and Snoqualmie during the first week of August 2015.


Not my Vacuum Cleaner |  SE North Bend Way

A resident found a Kirby G4 vacuum cleaner “hiding on the edge of his front porch” and requested police pick it up as it looked very expensive. Nearby park manger was also advised of the find and if the owner comes to claim the vacuum they should contact the evidence technician.

Government Vehicles Vandalized |  Railroad Ave SE, Snoqualmie

It was reported on August 3rd that sometime over the weekend nine tires were punctured on seven parked government vehicles.

Rock Through my Window |  Heather Ave, Snoqualmie

On August 3rd around 4PM it was reported that a rock was thrown through the front window of a home, but no suspects were seen.

Casting Spells |  Downing Ave, North Bend

On August 3rd around 10AM multiple callers reported a woman on the road screaming, who appeared to be hallucinating. Officers responded to find a female “speaking of dark methamphetamine in Valley.” The officer reported she was “performing a ritual in the ditch,” casting spells into the culvert that goes under the roadway to rid the Valley of the “dark methamphetamine.” The woman was not a danger to herself and no crime occurred.

CITIZEN ASSIST |  Si View Community Center

On August 3rd around noon a caller requested to speak with an officer about her daughter who stole money. An officer responded and was told a 13-year old had stolen $25 in the locker room – and said she was told to do so by her mother.  The mother determined the daughter was responsible, confronted her and made her return the money, but wanted the daughter spoken to about theft and making bad decisions.

The officer went to their residence and “gave the daughter a talk about making good decisions vs bad decisions, and how a decision can affect you for the rest of your life.”


On August 3rd around 12:30PM officers responded to check on a truck in the parking lot that was possibly a stolen vehicle reported out of Des Moines.  The truck was involved in a hit and run overnight where the driver got out of the truck and left the area – leaving the truck in the parking lot.

When officers arrived the truck was gone, but it was located at an impound yard after having been towed from the Edgewick Inn. The night manager reported to police that the truck and owner had been staying at the location on and off for about two weeks. Des Moines PD was notified with the information.


On August 3rd around 11PM a suspicious vehicle with two occupants was reported.  An officer responded. One of the occupants had warrants out of Snoqualmie/North Bend and was booked into King County Jail.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES |  Meadowbrook Way, Snoqualmie

On August 4th around 7AM a caller reported a male, covered by a blanket, sleeping by an ATM.  Officer contacted the subject who then moved along.


Around 6AM on August 4th an employee reported a female in her 20’s inside the location who had been previously trespassed from the store due to stealing.  An officer responded and served the woman with the trespass notice, which she signed. The store manager was also given a copy of the notice.

ANIMAL PROBLEM |  Near the North Bend Library

On August 4th around 7:30AM it was reported about one mile from the library, on the trail, cows were getting out of the field and walking on the trail.  An officer responded and found four cows on the trail about 2-3 miles west of the North Bend Waste Treatment Facility.  The rancher also responded and the cows made it back to the pasture.

SEX OFFENSE REPORT |  Truck Town, North Bend

On August 4th around 8:30AM officers responded to the Edgewick Inn where a woman reported that she had been sexually assaulted overnight. She stated the suspect left around 3AM in a gold truck, but that he had been inside the TA Store overnight and they would have video of him.

She reported that she tried to tell someone at Truck Town what had happened, but they evicted her so she went to the Edgewick Inn. The woman was transported to Overlake Medical Center by ambulance.  The suspect was later found at a Fife Truck stop deceased in the cab of his truck.  The investigation was turned over Fife Police Department.


On August 4th around 1PM it was reported that one adult and multiple teenagers were running around with Airsoft Guns and making people nervous. An officer responded and spoke to the adult, telling him they had made people so nervous that they had called 911 – and the guns should clearly be marked with orange tips.  The officer also requested that the group pick up all their garbage.


On August 4th around 10PM a caller reported two intoxicated females approached him and verbally accused him of speeding and drinking while driving.  An officer responded and was told speeding vehicles on the street was a problem.  A speed trailer and more enforcement on Burke Street was requested.

DISTURBANCE |  Swenson Drive, Snoqualmie

On August 6th around midnight multiple callers reported hearing a distressed woman screaming loudly in the street. An officer responded and found a woman upset about a recent breakup with her boyfriend.  The officer reported the woman agreed to move inside her residence to calm down.

FATAL ACCIDENT |  Near Salish Lodge, Snoqualmie

On August 6th around 5PM multiple callers reported a vehicle, motorcycle accident on SR 202 west of Snoqualmie Falls. The motorcycle was reported in the ditch on fire.  The accident near the gun range closed 202 in both directions.  The motorcycle lost control on the corner and went into oncoming traffic and was struck.  The 17-year old motorcycle driver was given CPR at the scene, but died from injuries sustained.

VEHICLE PROWL IN-PROGRESS |  Pickett Ave, North Bend

On August 6th around 7:30PM it was reported that a vehicle prowl was interrupted. The caller stated she saw someone breaking into her neighbor’s car and that a male associated with the incident pulled out a tire iron, but then left as she pulled into her home. Four males and a female driver were reported in an SUV at the scene.

The vehicle was located at Three Forks Park a short time later. One of the subjects was taken into custody on warrants and transported to Issaquah Jail.

DISTURBANCE | Gateway Gas & Deli, Snoqualmie

On August 7th around 11AM an employee reported an elderly man was verbally threatening him/her. The 80-year old man and employee got into a verbal argument over there being no cream for coffee.  The employee requested the man be trespassed. The man said he would appeal the trespass through management, but was served with a trespass notice by the officer.


On August 7th around 5PM police responded to a report that a female might attempt suicide after being alerted by the subject’s mother.  The home was empty when an officer arrived, but the subject was located unharmed, running on a nearby roadway.

DINNER OF FIRE | Meadowbrook Way & Park ST, Snoqualmie

On August 7th around 10PM, police and fire responded to a residence where fire alarms were going off. The officer reported a man had passed out from drinking and his “dinner caught fire.” The fire department extinguished the fire and provide the man aid, but he refused to be transported to the hospital.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES |  Festival at Mount Si, North Bend

An intoxicated man was reported in the beer garden of the festival who stated was an alcoholic and had a “police bounty.”  He was last seen on foot behind the post office. An officer located the man, who was asked to leave the beer garden. The officer reported the man ended up leaving the festival, but thought he would probably return.

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