Police Blotter | Burglary Report; Suspicious Activity; Unwanted Subject 

November 6, 2023

Dispatch notified officers of a vehicle break-in that occurred at Snoqualmie Point Park. Officers contacted the victim, who informed them that the rear locking hatch to his truck had been pried open and that two phones, an iPad, and a handgun were stolen.

A short time later, the victim contacted officers again and notified them that credit cards were also stolen and had been recently used at the North Bend Premium Outlets. Officers contacted the various stores where the fraudulent purchases occurred and are working to acquire security camera footage to identify the suspect(s).

November 7, 2023

Dispatch notified officers of a potential commercial burglary in North Bend. The reporting party noticed the door to the business was open, saw that it had been pried open, and called 911. Officers responded and spoke to the owner of the business, who provided security camera footage that showed two suspects in black clothing and hoods. There was approximately $1000 worth of damage to the door.

Roughly 30 minutes later, officers responded to another call regarding a burglary report at a nearby restaurant. Officers spoke with the owner later in the day and saw security camera footage showing one female and three male suspects entering the business. There was approximately $1140 worth of stolen goods and an additional $1000 damage to the window. The time frame for the two burglaries was in line with each other and may indicate a connection between the two incidents. Officers are still working to identify the suspects.

November 8, 2023

Dispatch notified officers that a suspicious male subject in front of the Snoqualmie Safeway approached a female citizen and was acting aggressively. Officers arrived on the scene and were able to locate the male subject. After checking his identification, dispatch notified officers that the male subject had an active warrant out of Whitman County. Officers searched the subject and booked him into the King County Correctional Facility.  

November 9, 2023

An officer was conducting an area check in the North Bend Truck Town area when they noticed a parked vehicle with no front license plate. The officer observed a female subject step out, and the officer contacted the female.

She provided her name and, when asked, told the officer that she had a warrant. The officer confirmed through dispatch that she had a misdemeanor warrant from Mercer Island. The officer arrested the female and worked with the Mercer Island Police Department to facilitate a transfer to their officers.

November 9, 2023

Officers responded to a call concerning an unwanted subject at the Snoqualmie shelter. Officers spoke with the reporting party, who informed them that the female subject had been making unfounded accusations against shelter staff and clients and was generally disruptive. Officers assisted with removing the female subject and served a one-year trespass. The female subject stated that she didn’t know the area and requested to be transported elsewhere. An officer drove the female to a different shelter in Bellevue. 

November 10, 2023 – Agency Assist

Officers responded to a call involving a male subject who had reportedly started a fire near an auto repair shop in Snoqualmie. Officers arrived on the scene and located the male subject standing next to an open fire. The officer placed the subject under arrest for reckless burning and conducted a search of the subject.

Drugs, drug paraphernalia, and various cards and identification belonging to other people were discovered on him. Once in custody, Snoqualmie Fire Dept. put out the fire. The subject was subsequently charged with reckless burning, possession of another’s ID, and knowingly possessing a controlled substance. After officers spoke with the business, the subject was also charged with malicious mischief and theft.

November 12, 2023

Officers were dispatched to a burglary report at the Mt. Si Golf Course. Upon arrival, an officer spoke to the reporting party, who informed the officer that a trailer and mini excavator had been stolen sometime earlier but that the reporting party needed to contact someone else to do a full inventory of the storage container.

The officer followed up later in the day and was told that a trailer, mini excavator, hydraulic fluid, and chains were stolen. In total, stolen items were valued at approximately $51,300. The officer took pictures of where the suspects could access the golf course and is still working to identify the suspects.  

November 11, 2023

Dispatch notified officers of a disturbance in downtown North Bend involving a subject who appeared intoxicated and wanted help. An officer arrived at the scene and was able to de-escalate the subject, who was then transported to the hospital for evaluation and treatment. The first officer on the scene is a member of the crisis co-responder team and has completed the King County Crisis Intervention Team training.

November 11, 2023

Dispatch notified officers of an incident where the reporting party stated that individuals in a black vehicle pointed a gun while parked at a North Bend gas station. Officers arrived at the location. A group of four subjects approached the vehicle and were identified as the occupants of the black vehicle. Officers were able to identify the subject who pointed the gun and impounded the vehicle for evidence.  

November 12, 2023

An officer was on patrol near 468th Ave in North Bend when they noticed a vehicle without a front hood or front license plate. As the officer drove by, they recognized the driver, who took off at a high rate of speed in a manner consistent with eluding. The officer followed the vehicle onto I-90 and attempted to initiate a traffic stop, but the vehicle did not stop. The officer lost sight of the vehicle. The King County Sheriff’s Office assisted but could not locate the vehicle. Officers are still working to locate the suspects.

[Information provided by the City of Snoqualmie]

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