Police Blotter | Attempted Vehicle Theft; Reckless Driving; DUI Accident

September 5

An officer pulled over a vehicle on Railroad Ave. SE in Snoqualmie after observing the driver rev their vehicle engine and open and close the door several times. The driver had “jerky” movements, and his pupils were restricted.

After being asked, he admitted to doing methamphetamine and Adderall before driving. A blood search warrant was requested, and after it was signed by a judge, he was taken to the hospital for a blood draw. He was booked into jail for DUI.

September 6

A citizen staying at the Snoqualmie Inn awoke in the morning to find that his vehicle had been damaged. He was unable to open his vehicle door due to the damage. There is no suspect information.

September 6

An employee of the Nike Store called in a male who came into the location and loaded up bags of merchandise. He bypassed the point of sale, ran to a black Honda with no plates on the vehicle and left. Officers conducted an area check with negative results. The estimated loss was $1,000.

September 6

A caller reported a vehicle that was failing to maintain its lane and hit several curbs in town before stopping at the Safeway in North Bend. Officers contacted the described vehicle. At this time, the male driver was inside the location and had a red solo cup with fireball whiskey in it.

He was quickly agitated. The caller came to the scene and positively identified the male as the one he had seen driving. With the positive ID from the witness, officers were able to arrest the male driver for Reckless Driving.

September 7  

Officers conducted an area check of the Train Depot in North Bend. They found a male sleeping near the steps with several beer cans around him. Officers woke up the male and advised him he could not sleep there.

This subject was also previously trespassed from the location from an incident at the same location a week prior. He was advised to leave. A few minutes later, the male returned. He was arrested for Criminal Trespass x2.

September 8

A caller reported a male “slumper” had driven into the caller’s parked car on SE Park Street and seemed “out of it.” Officers arrived and found that the male driver had, in fact, hit two parked vehicles. The driver almost fell to the ground exiting his vehicle.

There were several indications that the driver was impaired by drugs. He refused to do field sobriety tests. A blood search warrant was drafted and sent to the judge for approval. After getting that back, he was transported to the hospital for a blood draw. Snoqualmie Police is currently awaiting the results to prosecute.

September 9

The owner of Buckshot Honey in Snoqualmie called in an intoxicated female who hit a parked car in their parking lot and almost drove into the beer garden. The caller reported that people in the restaurant were “running for their lives.”

The female had reportedly gone into a nearby business. Officers located the elderly female and gave her a breathalyzer. She blew nearly two times the legal limit and was arrested for DUI.

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