Police Blotter | Assault in Progress; Suspicious Activity; Traffic Offense

July 17, 2023

A 911 call came in from the North Bend Safeway for a juvenile female who had just been assaulted. She was bleeding from her face and had a dislocated shoulder. Officers arrived and learned the female had been speaking to a known subject in the parking lot when another juvenile female pushed her to the ground.

The two females then started striking her in the face. They then fled the area. EMTs tended to the injured female and transported her to the hospital. Charges were forwarded to King County Juvenile Court for Assault.

July 17, 2023

In the video, two male subjects were seen dumping two large rolling garbage cans full of trash into a downtown Snoqualmie business dumpster and then walking their cans back down the street. Additionally, one of the subjects missed the large business dumpster, scattering garbage around it.

A witness told the business owner where the males had come from. After further investigation, the two males were identified and charged with Criminal Trespass and Theft of Services.

July 18, 2023

An officer observed a male and female passed out in a vehicle in downtown North Bend. The officer ran the plates, which returned to a different vehicle. After another unit arrived, officers contacted the male and female, who said they were napping. The male stated he had just bought the vehicle. Officers could see prowling tools and other items used to commit burglaries on the vehicle floorboard.

After checking the identities of the vehicle occupants, the female returned with several warrants. She was detained and taken to SCORE jail on her warrants. The vehicle was impounded to await a search warrant. It was suspected the vehicle was stolen.

July 18, 2023

Officers were called to Snoqualmie Falls Park for the report of a male and female under the influence of narcotics and arguing. The female reportedly had a firearm in her waistband, and the caller had seen her take it out and point it near the male and say, “bam bam bam.” Officers arrived on the scene, and the two stated that it was only a verbal altercation.

The female’s “firearm” was a BB gun. After checking their names, the male returned with a Snoqualmie warrant. He was booked into Issaquah Jail.

July 19, 2023

Officers were dispatched to a possible DUI at the North Bend Safeway gas station. The caller stated that a “disoriented” male left the location while driving a vehicle. Officers spotted the vehicle – being driven by the male – as it came to a stop behind Safeway.

The officers did not see any signs of impairment. However, the identify check of the suspect returned a Suspended 3rd and required him to have an Ignition Interlock Device. The male stated that he knew he shouldn’t be driving. He was cited for the offenses.

July 20, 2023

A downtown Snoqualmie gas station reported that they had overnight surveillance footage of a driver getting gas and driving away with the nozzle still in their fuel tank. Estimated repairs for the gas pump were valued at $1000. Officers were unable to make out the plate in the video footage. As such, there is no known suspect information.

July 22, 2023

A caller reported that his vehicle was broken into at Snoqualmie Point Park. He explained that the possible suspect was still on the scene and had brass knuckles. The suspect was described as an older male with no teeth.

Officers arrived and contacted the possible suspect. He stated that he noticed the car beside him had a broken window but knew nothing about it. After being questioned about the brass knuckles, he said he had them but was banging them on his steering wheel. The male was arrested for Possession of a Dangerous Weapon.

July 23, 2023

An officer pulled a vehicle over for expired registration and varying speeds at Snoqualmie Parkway and Center Street intersection. The female driver said she had never been pulled over before and was returning from the river.

The officer could tell that she was under the influence of alcohol and could smell the odor of alcohol. After the officer conducted field sobriety tests, the driver was arrested for DUI. The officer also spotted alcoholic beverages in the female’s car.

July 23, 2023

A caller reported a single-vehicle collision with airbag deployment near downtown North Bend. The caller stated the driver had been picked up by another vehicle. When officers arrived, they found the car with significant damage. They responded to the vehicle’s registered owner’s address. The owner stated that their son had been driving the vehicle.

After speaking to the son, he was clearly under the influence of alcohol. Field sobriety tests were performed. Breathalyzer results showed he was three times the legal limit. He was arrested for DUI, and his vehicle was towed from the scene.

[Information provided by the City of Snoqualmie]

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