Police Arrest Suspect in Connection with String of Internet Cable Line Thefts

The Snoqualmie Police Department charged a suspect with malicious mischief and attempted theft following damage to cable lines in the early morning hours of August 24.

The suspect was found in the brush along SR 202 between Snoqualmie and North Bend near twenty 4-foot sections of cut cable .5 to 3 inches in diameter. The piles of cable were placed near the side of the road. 

Officer James Aguirre, who was on the scene, estimated the damage at about $10,000. The suspect was transported to the King County Jail. Over the past three weeks, the Snoqualmie Police Department has received six calls involving people cutting large sections of cable lines to sell for scrap, with an estimated $90,000-100,000 in damages and theft.  

“Thanks to the great police work and alertness of Ofc. Aguirre, the Snoqualmie Police Dept. was able to apprehend this suspect whom we believe is connected to similar thefts in our area and possibly outside of the Snoqualmie Valley,” said Interim Police Chief Brian Lynch. 

Anyone who notices cable line damage is asked to report it to the Snoqualmie Police Department at 425-888-3333.

[Information provided by the City of Snoqualmie]

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