Planning Duvall’s Recreational Future: A Community Effort

In Duvall, there’s a push to refresh the blueprint for the city’s recreational areas, encompassing parks, trails, and open spaces. This initiative, known as the Parks, Trails, and Open Space (PTOS) Plan, sets the stage for what these spaces will look like and offer over the next two decades.

The process, expected to wrap up by late 2024, isn’t just about enhancing current facilities but also about extending the variety of recreational options to serve the city’s residents better.

This plan focuses on strategically investing in recreation projects, broadening the scope of amenities available, and ensuring the sustainability of these spaces for future enjoyment.

This effort will also feed into a broader vision for the city, influencing the Parks and Recreation component of Duvall’s Comprehensive Plan.

Your Voice Matters

The success of this plan hinges on community involvement. The city is keen on incorporating residents’ feedback to shape priorities and determine the direction of park and recreational program enhancements. It’s an opportunity for the community to weigh in on what matters most in their recreational spaces.

An Invitation to Contribute

An open house meeting scheduled for March 26th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Duvall Visitor Center (15619 Main Street, NE) is a prime opportunity for community members to get involved.

This gathering aims to share insights about community needs and preferences and to invite further input on the vision for Duvall’s parks, trails, and recreational amenities.

Keep Up with Developments

For those interested in the project’s progress, including summaries of past surveys and plans, updates on future meetings, and other project news will be available. Staying informed ensures that everyone has the chance to contribute to the conversation.

Questions and Contacts

For further inquiries or to express thoughts outside of scheduled meetings, residents are encouraged to contact Niomi Montes de Oca at

[Information provided by the City of Duvall]

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