Planning Commission Member, Real Estate Businessman Rob McFarland announces bid for North Bend Mayor

Later this year, North Bend will elect a new mayor after incumbent Ken Hearing hangs up his mayoral cap after serving four terms. The growing city will also have five of its city council seats up for election.

On Thursday morning, February 21, 2019, at a Business Outreach Meeting, local real estate businessman and North Bend Planning Commission Chairman Rob McFarland announced his candidacy for North Bend Mayor. He is the first person to throw their hat in the ring to replace Hearing, who is retiring from public service.

Rob McFarland at North Bend Business Outreach Meeting, 2/21/19

According to a press release, McFarland has been active in service to the
North Bend community for over 20 years, saying he’s spent “countless hours listening to citizens, building relationships, engaging with Council and staff, and learning how our City runs and what it needs.”

McFarland commented, “Throughout this time I’ve see us grow and shrink with the economy, encounter hurdles and overcome them, face tragedies and address them – all through a caring, engaged community network.”

He added, “We have a lot of decisions to make about the pathway which will guide and shape us for the next 20+ years. We will be presented with many choices on how we will look and live.”

Per his candidacy press release announcement McFarland said he envisions a path where North Bend grows with positive, thoughtful, and planful intent including:
• Both neighborhoods and businesses thriving while preserving a small town feel, natural beauty and close sense of community.
•The city stepping up to ensure streets and non-motorized roadways alike get visitors and citizens to their destinations safely and efficiently.
• Water, sewer, and storm infrastructure systems support both economic and environmental sustainability.
•Ensuring the city has housing diversity to support all economic levels that a viable and thriving community needs, including housing that is affordable for the young, workers in restaurants, retail and professional offices, teachers, health care providers and public safety professionals.

McFarland said he’s running because he believes he has “the depth and breadth to work positively with all citizens, with Council and staff, and with those outside the City, to affirm and fulfill our City mission and vision.”

Rob has lived in North Bend for 22 years. He and his wife, Roberta, have been married for 33 years and have two adult children. He has served 11 years on the planning commission (six as chair), three years on the Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation, five years on the Encompass Board, four years on the Meadowbrook Farm Preservation Association Board and seven years on the North Bend Parks Commission.

If more than two candidates run for North Bend mayor, there will be an August 6th primary. The general election happens on November 5th.

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