Plane reports engine trouble, crash lands on its top near Fall City

On Friday, July 26, 2019 around 7:30PM, Eastside Firefighters said they were responding to an aircraft crash in Fall City in the area of 36000 SE David Powell Road. Initial reports said the small airplane had landed on its top.

According to the Eastside Firefighter social media feed, the two people on board were able to get themselves out of the airplane after it hit the ground going 110MPH and flipped. There was no fire nor fuel spill.

The King County Sheriff’s Office conducted the initial investigation. They said the pilot reported engine trouble before the small, two-seater plane landed upside down.

A man and woman in their 50’s walked away with only scrapes and bruises per KCSO. They were transported to a nearby hospital as a precaution.

According to KCSO, the FAA will also investigate.

Plane crash near Fall City, 7/26/19. PC: KCSO
Plane crash near Fall City, 7/26/19. PC: KCSO

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