PHOTOS | Well, this Looks like a Nice Spot for a Little Sunday Afternoon Swim

Doug Marcoux and his family live on one of the outer edges of Snoqualmie Ridge, where Douglas Ave dead ends on Burke Street – on the northern most edge of the neighborhood. Most homes on this street have decks that look down over the woods in the steep drop-off below.

Living with this greenbelt behind their home, chances are the Marcoux family witnesses plenty of Snoqualmie Valley local wildlife in their natural habitat just below their backyard, between Fall City and Snoqualmie Ridge.

This past Sunday, May 17, 2015, the Marcoux’s got a chance to see a bear, not uncommon in this fringe area of the Ridge, but this time the bear was just hanging out and doing what bears do – something that many of us probably don’t see up close too often.

The bear was taking a leisurely Sunday afternoon swim in a local pond, followed by a nice belly scratch session to [possibly] help dry off and then back into the woods he/she went – maybe for an afternoon nap.

Thanks for sending in the photos, Doug.

[There have also been reports of bears near the trails that run behind this area of Snoqualmie Ridge so keep your eyes peeled. One reader encountered a bear on the Deep Creek trail behind Azalea Park, on Monday, May 18th, about .3 miles into the trail. Both the trail hikers and the bear got spooked and took off, according to the spotter.]

should i get in? edit

Should I or shouldn’t I?

here I go edit

Well, this feels nice.

bear in 2 edit

Nice temperature.

bear swimming edit3

Time for a couple of laps

bear swimming edit 5

Practice my back float

taking a dip edit

That was nice, but now I am getting a little chilly

bear getting out edit 4

Where’s my towel?

getting out 2 edit

That was refreshing

back to the woods edit

Now it feels like nap time.

that was exhausting edit

That was exhausting

c u later

That’s a big hill

belly scratch edit

Time for a nice belly scratching session

byebye edit

See you next time!







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