Phoenix Plaza project expected to begin construction soon on North Bend explosion site

It’s been more than four years since a natural gas explosion leveled the old strip mall between QFC and Les Scwab Tires on North Bend Way, and it looks likes the project slated to replace the vacant lot in downtown North Bend is [finally] about to commence.

Phoenix Plaza – which has been in planning stages for about three years – should begin construction this summer, with clearing and grading possibly beginning within the next month.

According to City Planner Lynn Hyde, the developers recently met with city staff and hope to get their clearing and grading permit shortly and begin construction soon after.

The three-story, residential and commercial mixed use building will have about 5,000 feet dedicated to retail/commercial space on the ground-level and 37 apartments on the second and third stories. The middle of the second story will also have an open space/terrace area for tenant use.

Parking will be a mix of outdoor spots and about 40 spots in a parking garage located under the back portion of the building. Plans also include a pedestrian plaza adjacent to the North Bend Way sidewalk and an improved entrance to Torguson Park.

RPMM Group, a family run business, will be doing the construction. Owner Anvesh Kumar said their goal is to construct a beautiful building and have it finished within a year of starting work.

Almost all of the 37 apartments will be 1 and 2-bedroom units, with one 3-bedroom included in the plans. Kumar said they feel the one and two bedroom apartments will meet a need in the community. He said as the project nears completion, they will launch a website for apartment and retail rentals.

Below are the most recent Phoenix Plaza Elevation Designs (click to enlarge):



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