Phase 1 Siren Testing for Tolt Warning System to Occur March 21 – 24

Seattle Public Utilities continues the commissioning process for the newly installed Tolt Early Warning System, which includes five new outdoor and four new indoor sirens (annunciators) in Carnation, WA.

Another round of audible testing of the new siren system will take place March 21 – 24. Testing may happen intermittently between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. Crews may need to test one siren at a time or all sirens at the same time.

Audible testing may happen for a few minutes at a time. Sirens will not sound continuously for the entire day. It is possible that testing may not be needed for the entire week.

On Wednesday, March 22, the regular noon test of the existing siren system will take place, followed by a test of the new siren system within a few minutes. 

The new system test will include spoken messages in English and Spanish that this is a test and an oscillating siren tone. No other testing aside from the noon tests is planned to take place on Wednesdays.

Note: Double testing of the existing siren system followed by the new system will continue on Wednesdays at noon starting on March 22.

When testing is complete, and the new Tolt Dam siren system is fully commissioned, it will replace the existing system. As we get closer to this exciting milestone, SPU will stay connected to the community to ensure Carnation residents, businesses, and visitors are ready and know what to expect when the new siren system goes live.

For the latest information about the project, including testing, please continue to check this website and subscribe to the project email list.  

Phase 2 of the project will include a variety of additional system components:

  • Two additional outdoor sirens: one at Tolt-MacDonald Park and another near NE 60th St and 322nd Ave NE
  • One new indoor siren at Riverview Learning Center
  • Four new indoor desktop warning units
  • Nine new electronic highway message signs
  • 70 fixed evacuation signs

The project team is working with our partner agencies to secure the necessary permits for these components. Phase 2 of the project is expected to be completed in 2023.

[Information provided by Seattle Public Utilities]

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