Our First Mount Si Prom; We Made It To The Finish Line

For me, my first Mount Si Prom came to an end as my daughter, along with about 30 others, boarded a bus at the TPC Snoqualmie Ridge and headed out to her first prom.  She looked beautiful and was nervous, anxious, excited and happy.  All those emotions were wrapped up in a yellow chiffon dress.

I don’t know how these girls do it.  Prom prep is exhausting!  It seemed to occupy every minute yesterday – manicures, pedicures, special hair-do from the local salon, the perfect makeup complete with dramatic (shhh) false eyelashes.  When she wasn’t getting ready, she would disappear to a friend’s house to help that friend get ready.

Finally, the dress that inspired a whole blog post, went on complete with the silver sparkly shoes that I picked out and got a killer deal on at the local outlet mall – and she actually loved.  The date walked through our door and in his own special way, calmed my anxious daughter.  Grandma was here to pin on his corsage because I am quick to admit my limitations and recognize my mother’s strengths.  She’s a boutineer pinning expert.

In a matter of minutes they were gone.  Off to TPC Snoqualmie Ridge for pictures where we joined them.  It was an amazing setting for prom pictures and a great alternative to the expensive photos available at the dance.   My compliments to TPC Snqualmie Ridge for offering up their front garden space to so many local high school students – and twice as many parents with cameras.

The whole picture extravaganza lasted about a half hour, complete with numerous individual, group, girl-only, guy-only and some just silly poses and shots.  We saw friends; saw beautiful dresses and great tuxes.  Hats off to Cameron Kasel’s while tux with the date dress-matching hot pink vest and tie!

Home we went. Off to the prom they finally went.  A few text messages came in sporadically throughout the night.  She was having a memorable evening, leaving this mom hoping the invitation, the dress search and the whole “getting ready” process lived up to the magical prom dream…

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