Opening Day 2022 Boeing Classic Jet Flyover Video – In Case You Missed It!

If you had to work today or just forgot it was happening until you saw the large, blue Boeing jetliner buzz your Valley home, here is some video of today’s (August 12th) flyover. 

The flyover signaled the start of the 2022 Boeing Classic Golf Tournament, a stop on the Champions PGA Golf Tour.  The tournament runs through Sunday, August 14th, at TPC Snoqualmie Ridge in Snoqualmie, WA. 

As of 2:15 PM, August 12th, Duffy Waldorf was in the lead at three under par through 9 holes, with six golfers behind him at two under par.  To keep up with the 2022 Boeing Classic Leader Board, click HERE.

You rarely get a chance to see a jet this size fly so low – and it was surprisingly quiet for flying at such a low level.  

Click the video to watch the video courtesy of Snoqualmie resident Susan Burk.

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