Open for Business: North Bend Residents Encouraged to support Business Amidst Construction

As summer heats up, community reinvestment projects are moving forward in North Bend, and with that, construction season is well underway.

While these improvements are necessary, businesses in the vicinity of the construction must contend with noise, vibrations, and messy streetscapes. This summer, two projects are occurring in town: the 2nd Street Watermain and Roadway Replacement project and the North Bend Way Sidewalk project.

The City of North Bend would like to remind residents and visitors that businesses on 2nd Street and North Bend Way remain open. Please consider supporting these downtown businesses during this challenging period of construction. 

The 2nd Street Watermain and Roadway Replacement project began in June, and work continues between the two blocks of Ballarat Avenue and Bendigo Boulevard (SR 202).

Businesses along this stretch of roadway include Pro Ski and Mountain Service, Arete Coffee Bar, Pearl and Stone Wine Co, the SnoValley Chamber of Commerce, Kelly R. Garwood, Arbor Eyecare and Umpqua Bank.

The 2nd Street project is an essential element of the City’s 2022-2027 Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program and is also a crucial component of the 2020 Water System Plan.

This work aims to improve transportation infrastructure while reducing water distribution system leakage. The 2nd Street project is expected to be complete by mid-September, but work is weather dependent. 

The North Bend Way Sidewalk project began in July, and work commences on North Bend Way East. Businesses along this stretch of roadway include Rio Bravo and the local Shell gas station. 

The project will contribute to the City’s Sidewalk Gap work. It will enhance connectivity and pedestrian safety along a busy street.

Residents can expect a new curb and gutter in this area, a new sidewalk and driveway, ADA curb ramp installation, storm drainage infrastructure installation, street trees with root barriers, streetlights and additional parking. The North Bend Way Sidewalk project is expected to be completed by end of September.

For more information about businesses and nonprofit organizations in North Bend, visit the Business Directory on Questions can be emailed to Tom Mohr, PE, Deputy Public Works Director,

[Information provided by the City of North Bend]

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