Oped | Time to vote People – pause all the talk and bubble in that ballot

It’s been quite the election season in the Snoqualmie Valley. Of course, compared to this time last year, I think we can all agree it’s been much tamer.

BUT, as this November General Election isn’t a presidential or 5th district state legislature election, it appears turnout is suffering. As of Monday afternoon only about 16% – 19% of local ballots had been returned, which is better than Friday when only 13-15% were in.

This low turnout is a little bit surprising. Why? Because local elections stand a better chance at directly impacting our day-to-day, local lives.

Where do most of our property taxes go? To our local schools, cities, parks, police and fire departments – all of which directly impact our community, property values and quality of life.

This local election season has been more eventful than those of the past. No one is running unopposed this time around. Recent city decisions have driven citizens to challenge incumbents for their seats.

It’s been a long election season – and I’ve heard more than one candidate say they can’t wait until November 8th.

Snoqualmie has a former mayor challenging the incumbent mayor. North Bend has two council seats up for the taking. Si View Parks has a funding measure on the ballot. A group called Snoqualmie 1st organized and challenged each incumbent councilmember running for re-election.  Our King County Council position is also up for election.

It’s democracy in action, but the months of candidates’ efforts don’t mean as much unless registered voters actually open their mail, pull out the voters pamphlet and start bubbling in their ballot choices.

And then don’t forget to stamp that ballot or take it to the closest voter drop box where not postage is required. There are two drop boxes in the Snoqualmie Valley – outside the Fall City and Snoqualmie Libraries.

It’s time to Vote, Snoqualmie Valley.

Do you like how things are going? Or do you think change is needed?

Many residents this election season have readily chimed in online to voice their opinions, but that’s not enough. It’s just talk unless you fill out that ballot. That’s the key to having your voice heard.

Ready. Set. Vote.


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