Oh, The View From The 12th Hole at the Boeing Classic

So have you seen the view of Snoqualmie Falls from the 12th tee of TPC Snoqualmie Ridge?  I finally have because my husband and I walked the whole course  this week.   I’ve been to past Boeing Classic Tournaments,  but never walked the whole golf course.  First off, let me say it was great exercise.  We started early – around 8:30AM – and finished in 3 hours.  We stopped and watched some golf along the way, but weren’t following any particular pro golfer.  We were there for the exercise, the views, and mostly the experience.  I’ve lived here 9 years and never seen the whole course.  Even my brother who lives in Puyallup has walked the whole thing….

We had a great time and the course did not disappoint. We got such a great view of the falls because of a wonderful volunteer on the 12th hole.  When we arrived the tee was empty which allowed us access to the view.   A very nice volunteer took showed us the view…. and we got to chat with him for a bit.  We found out he was retired, from Renton and enjoys the Snoqualmie area so he decide to work the tournament.   He has hiked Mt. Si many times and gave us some pointers on trails to try.   Turns out his Mt. Si hikes were training for his hike up Mt. Rainer.  Wow!  He made us laugh when he said if he wasn’t volunteering his wife would be making him mow the grass at home… and the volunteering was more fun.

The Boeing Classic starts this morning.  There is a new promotion called Free Friday I think.  Anyone can get on the course to watch today – no ticket needed.  The course is beautiful.  Walking it is good exercise.   The volunteers are wonderful.  There is food and refreshment.   Oh, and the pro golfers are great, too.   Did I mention I watched Tom Kite golf this week?  He’s won the tournament twice and I can see why.  I think what was most memorable (at least for me)  was watching him give swing advice to the amateurs golfing with him…. and the advice really seemed to help their swings!

Check back for daily tournament results…..

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