North Bend Water Supply Free from PFAS in Recent Tests

The City of North Bend provides water to local homes and businesses. This year, their testing revealed no PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) in the water from both of their sources.

The City’s water department conducts multiple tests annually for PFAS. According to the guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), these tests have consistently shown that the drinking water is PFAS-free.

Understanding PFAS

Since the 1940s, PFAS have been a common component in various consumer products and manufacturing processes. These substances are added to items like carpets, clothing, and food packaging to make them resistant to water, grease, or stains.

The EPA has raised concerns over PFAS because they do not break down easily in the environment. Over the years, research has increasingly focused on the effects of PFAS on health and the environment.

How to Learn More About PFAS

  1. Visit the EPA’s PFAS page:(
  2. Visit the Washington Department of Health’s PFAS section:

The City’s water department is committed to regularly testing the water supply, adhering to state and federal standards, and upholding a robust wellhead protection program.

For more information about the North Bend water system, contact City Engineer Don DeBerg, PE, via email at or at (425) 888-7652.

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