North Bend under new leadership as Mark Rigos named Acting City Administrator

Some leadership changes happened inside North Bend City Hall this week when Public Works Director Mark Rigos assumed the role of Acting City Administrator. He takes over for Londi Lindell, who will still be around city hall to help him transition when not on medical leave and taking planned vacation days.

Rigos then becomes Interim City Administrator on April 1st when Lindell retires. A civil engineer and biologist, Rigos was hired as North Bend’s Director of Public Works in June 2014. Prior to that he served three years as Public Works Director in Newcastle. In 2018 he served North Bend as both Deputy City Administrator and Public Works Director.

Rigos graduated from Washington State University in 1997 with a BS in Biology and Civil Engineering and then earned a MBA in Business Administration from Seattle University in 2002.

Deputy Public Works Director Tom Mohr is now serving as Acting Public Works Director until April 1st when his title becomes Interim Public Works Director.

If Rigos assumes the permanent role as North Bend City Administrator, he will be appointed by the mayor and the appointment approved by city council.

Mayor Ken Hearing has stated he will not seek a 5th term when up for election later later this year. Hearing’s 4th mayor term ends on December 31, 2019

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