North Bend, Snoqualmie Snow Plows work overnight, SVSD Schools Closed, garbage pickup canceled Tuesday, January 14th

UPDATE | January 14th, 5:45AM Snoqualmie Valley School District Superintendent Rob Manahan said due to “icy and dicey conditions, below freezing temps and forecasted additional snow,” the district will close schools again, January 14, 2020.

Republic and Waste Management (WM) both canceled garbage pick up service in the Snoqualmie Valley again for January 14th. WM serves Snoqualmie. Republic serves Fall City and North Bend.

WM stated, “Due to weather and safety issues, we are unable to provide your service today. Please leave carts at the curb. We will make every effort to resume service tomorrow. If Friday is your regular service day, we will attempt to collect on Saturday. If conditions prevent collection, we will collect on your next regular service day. We will collect materials missed on storm days – no extra charge.”

According to the City of North Bend, “Although some area are accessible for the trucks, service is suspended for driver safety. Republic Services will make every effort to resume service tomorrow depending on snow conditions. Monday and Tuesday customers: please bring in your carts and put out double loads next week at no extra charge.”

Snoqualmie picked up another 1-2″ of snow overnight. North Bend picked up more, with some areas getting 5-6″. More heavy snow is possible Tuesday night, with NWS issuing a Winter Storm Watch for the overnight hours. Additionally, Wednesday night the Snoqualmie Valley may also see a strong gap wind event, with 55mph gusts possible.

UPDATE | January 13, 7:30PM: The cities of North Bend and Snoqualmie said crews will continue to work to improve road conditions.

Snoqualmie said, “City crews made good progress today plowing into neighborhood areas and will continue to plow and de-ice tonight to further improve roadway conditions on arterials and side streets. Thank you to residents who have moved cars off of the streets and into driveways and garages. It really helps with plowing and for the safety of drivers and pedestrians.”

North Bend said, “The Public Works Department will have several teams working all night tonight in various shifts. Early Tuesday morning between roughly 2AM to 6AM, city equipment will apply sand to the City’s steep streets and street intersections. The City’s sand has salt mixed within it to expedite the thaw. City policy is to not provide sand on flat streets. City policy is to not use anti-icer or de-icer on the streets due to the concern for the Snoqualmie aquifer, drinking water quality, and potential adverse impact to public health.”

Monday evening, the Snoqualmie Valley School District announced a 2-hour late start on Tuesday, January 14, 2020. The announcement stated, “The District will continue to monitor conditions overnight and in the early morning hours.  If we determine schools need to close, or Limited Transportation (snow routes) are needed, another update will be posted on the district website after 7AM Tuesday.”


Both North Bend and Snoqualmie reported Monday morning that their snow plows were working around the clock to plow and treat roads.

North Bend said via news release that snow plow crews have been working since midnight to clear city streets. Public Works Maintenance Director, Mark Pray, reported that as of 9:30AM approximately 90% of Priority 1 roads and 60% of Priority 2 roads had been plowed. Crews were planning to start plowing Priority 3 roads around 10AM. Residents were asked to move vehicles from road sides and cul-de-sacs to allow plows to clear the roads.

See North Bend’s Snow Plow Route Map HERE

Snoqualmie said via social media, “City Parks & Public Works crews have been out overnight and continue to plow and de-ice streets throughout the city. Please move vehicles off roads and into your driveways, garages, or public parking areas, such as the YMCA. This will allow effective plowing and additional safety for drivers.”

See Snoqualmie’s Snow and Ice Removal Plan HERE.

Garbage collection in Fall City, North Bend and Snoqualmie was canceled on Monday, January 13th. Waste Management hopes to resume service in Snoqualmie on Tuesday, but that is weather dependent. To make up for the missed day, Snoqualmie customers’ scheduled collection days will be pushed forward one day. In Fall City and North Bend, Republic customers whose garbage collection was missed on Monday can put out double loads next week.

Areas of the upper Snoqualmie Valley have received approximately 2 to 9 inches of snow Sunday night though Monday afternoon. Steady snow is expected to taper off as the day progresses, but there is still a chance a snow showers Monday evening and overnight. Additional accumulation is predicted to be light, though.

Another shot of heavier snow is possible Wednesday night. We’ll keep you posted on that tomorrow as weather forecasters say there is still some uncertainty with the next approaching weather system.

Intersection of Snoqualmie Pkwy and Swenson Drive, 1/13/20 at 7:30AM
Swenson Drive in Snoqualmie looking toward Snoqualmie Pkwy intersection, 1/13/20, 7:30AM

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