North Bend Set to Celebrate Arbor Day and ‘Oaktoberfest’ at E.J. Roberts Park on October 7

The community is gearing up for a grand celebration on Saturday, October 7, 2023, with Mayor McFarland declaring it Arbor Day in North Bend. Residents and visitors are invited to E.J. Roberts Park to participate in a special tree-planting ceremony and an inspiring “Oaktoberfest” event.

From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., “Oaktoberfest” promises a day of awareness and conservation activities to highlight the importance of native plants in the local ecosystem.

Terry Pottmeyer, the event organizer, emphasizes the urgency of understanding our environment.

“Most of us know that our ecosystem is at a critical point. We are losing an astonishing number of plants, birds, bugs, and other species, primarily through habitat loss. These species provide the oxygen, clean water, flood control, pollination, pest control, and carbon storage we need to sustain the earth. The good news is that we all have the ability to make a difference in rehabilitating the ecosystem and saving our fellow inhabitants. Oaktoberfest is a celebration of our ability to act, with a focus on planting native trees and plants.”

The grassroots event has set three clear goals for participants:

  • to educate participants about the importance of native plants, 
  • to empower individuals to plant native trees and plants to create a healthier ecosystem
  • to enjoy a beautiful fall day in the company of the many native oaks, Quercus garrya, that live in EJ Roberts Park.

Among the planned activities are engaging crafts for children courtesy of Encompass NW, the ‘Acorn Hole’ bean bag toss, and the opportunity to plant your own Garry Oak acorn, supported by the Snoqualmie Valley Garden Club.  

There will be booths providing information about the Homegrown National Park Movement, the Snoqualmie Tribe’s Ancestral Land MovementPuget Sound’s Native Plants, and the great trees that can be found in North Bend at the Tree-mendous Trees of North Bend booth.   

Following “Oaktoberfest” will be the city’s annual Arbor Day Proclamation and Community Tree Planting from 1 to 2 p.m. During this ceremony, Mayor McFarland will read the Arbor Day proclamation, and attendees are encouraged to help plant two native Garry Oak trees in the park. Participants are reminded to dress appropriately for the fall weather and are welcome to bring gloves, shovels, water, and snacks.

Both events are open to the public, with no registration required. Anyone interested in volunteering for ‘Oaktoberfest’ can reach out to Ms. Pottmeyer at  

For more information on the Arbor Day festivities, contact Principal Planner Mike McCarty, at, or by phone, at (425) 888-7649.

E.J. Roberts Park is located at 500 Thrasher Avenue NE, ready to welcome all for a day of community and conservation.

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