North Bend Selects Recology Waste Zero for Garbage and Recycling Services

Starting April 1, 2024, North Bend has had a new company handling garbage and recycling: Recology Waste Zero. Epicenter Services helped choose this new service provider, which started in 2022.

Choosing Recology

The city’s 11-year contract with Republic Services ended on March 31, 2023. In 2022, North Bend began a thorough search for a new provider. These processes take time and can span several years.

The city found a price increase inevitable regardless of the chosen company. In 2022, three companies bid for the job: Waste Management, Recology, and Republic Services. Waste Management was the most expensive. Recology and Republic Services had a small price difference, with Republic being slightly cheaper.

However, North Bend residents had expressed dissatisfaction with Republic Services, especially during winter storms and out-of-state union strikes in 2019 and 2022. The Council wanted better service, and Recology stood out for its contract compliance, customer service, community outreach, and education in other communities.

Check out the March 21, 2023, City Council Agenda Packet for more details.

History with Republic Services

North Bend’s unique, low-cost contract with Republic Services was extended twice in 2019 and 2021. This contract was first made after the 2008 recession, a time when inflation was much lower. For years, North Bend residents enjoyed lower costs compared to neighboring cities.

New Benefits with Recology

On March 21, 2023, the Council approved a 12-year contract with Recology. Here are some new benefits for North Bend customers:

  • Better service during labor interruptions
  • Credit for missed services after one week
  • Inclement weather benefits
  • Free collection of unflocked, undecorated holiday trees
  • Discounts on bulky item collection
  • Access to the Recology Store/Collection Center in Issaquah
  • Local call center with two-way texting
  • More reliable service with new, lower-emission vehicles
  • Performance fees for poor service
  • More recycling and composting education
  • A 12-year contract for lower rates
  • A cap at 5% on yearly inflation adjustments

How to Connect with Recology

  1. To learn more, visit Recology’s North Bend webpage or contact them directly:
  2. Call North Bend Customer Service at (425) 448-6220
  3. Email
  4. Visit the Recology Store in Issaquah at 317 NW Gilman Blvd, #22
  5. Text Recology at (206) 369-8604

North Bend and Recology look forward to a successful partnership to promote sustainable waste management and keep the city clean and beautiful.

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