North Bend QFC soon to Offer NEW online Shopping service, ‘ClickList’

If you do your grocery shopping in North Bend, you may have noticed construction inside QFC – in the space that used to be home to Sno Falls Credit Union – and wondered what new local merchant might be preparing to occupy the spot that’s been empty for the past six months.

As it turns out, QFC will be using the space at the very front of the store to offer a new service called ClickList, which should debutclicklist in mid September. And it seems this might even be the first ClickList location in Washington.

Don’t have time to grocery shop? Do you have trouble sticking to your list, resulting in over-spending? Well then, this new service might just be for you.

According to Kroger’s ClickList website, the service allows you to order online and schedule a pick up time. Then a QFC employee picks out your groceries and will bring them curbside at your chosen pick up time.  The service cost about $5 per order.

In the meantime, the North Bend QFC is busy turning the former Sno Falls space into the hub for ClickList.  According to an employee, a decent amount of work has to be done, including adding refrigeration and freezer units to the area that will hold grocery orders until customers arrive. Stores that have piloted the new service also have a dedicated entry and parking spots.

Kroger has been hiring in the Pacific Northwest region as it expands its ClickList service, which has been positively received in the mid-West. The service has also received some great reviews on Mom Blogs.

Will it prove popular in the Snoqualmie Valley, which has become a magnate for young families in recent years?  Only time will tell – but I know it might help me save some money.  I am notorious for shopping while I am hungry.  I know I shouldn’t, but it just keeps happening…

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