North Bend Mayor Names Life Saving Award Recipients; July Mount Si Helicopter Mystery Solved

On July 14, 2013, many Snoqualmie Valley residents reported seeing a helicopter hovering over Mount Si, even hoisting something from the mountain.

The helicopter activity coincided with another rescue of an injured hiker at Twin Falls, but a helicopter was not required for that mission.  At the time, various search and rescue organization spokespersons could not identify what that helicopter activity was connected to.  As it turns out, it was part of an important life saving mission.

At the August 6th city council meeting, North Bend Mayor Ken Hearing and City Council members honored three citizens for their lifesaving efforts last month.

Michael ‘Jake’ Thompson, Marina Druse, and Adam Thalhofer are credited with saving the life of  young adult on the morning of July 14th.

After learning a man was missing, possibly injured and unable to be located in the darkness the night before, the three refused to give up hope and conducted their own search, hiking at dawn to the top of Mount Si.

They located the missing man, notified 911 and the King County Sheriff and stabilized and comforted the severely injured man for several hours until a medical helicopter located and airlifted him to Harborview Medical Center.

“It is an honor to recognize these three young people from North Bend who are responsible for saving the life of another young adult,” said Mayor Ken Hearing.

Jake Thompson is in his second year as a seasonal worker  with the North Bend Public Works Department and hopes to become a firefighter. Marina Druse is an MP in the Army National Guard and also works for a hospital security department.  Adam Thalhofer is an EMT and volunteer fire fighter for the City of Snoqualmie.

Thompson and Druse were on hand to accept the award, and Angel Thalhofer accepted the award  for her husband who was working.

Photo courtesy of City of North Bend.  Taken by Carol Ladwig of the Snoqualmie Valley Record
Photo courtesy of City of North Bend. Taken by Carol Ladwig of the Snoqualmie Valley Record


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