North Bend Marriott hotel project officially dead; different company now eyeing city for new hotel

After seven years since our first article ran on the North Bend hotel project proposed for the corner of Bendigo Blvd (SR 202) and South Fork Ave, it looks like the project is officially dead. Another hotel company, though, is interested in building in the city.

The Bendigo/South Fork hotel project was plagued by delays since site work began in August 2014. In October 2015 it was announced that the hotel would be a Marriott Fairfield Inn – and then not too long afterward, the project stalled.

In April 2017, city officials said the project was moving again – that the developer had chosen to complete other projects before the North Bend hotel – and was ready to commence work later that year, but nothing happened. Then in 2018 it was announced other issues – like flooding and SR 202 right of way requirements – were delaying the project. Then in 2019 it was thought construction would finally begin, but again didn’t.

According to North Bend City Administrator David Miller, the developers recently sent him an email saying they were abandoning the project after the city had contacted them about their expired water and sewer concurrency certificates. The developers also requested the city send potential buyers to them.

Miller said via email, “Given our limited remaining sewer capacity and the interest of a new hotel in North Bend, I felt that the lack of progress (in process for 12 years) on the Marriott convinced me that the hotel developers were not serious.”

Miller explained that Wyndham Hotels is now eyeing North Bend for a new hotel. The company has not yet purchased a land parcel, but he said they are looking at three sites. He did not say where those sites were located.

The City of North Bend has a $200,000 bond that can be used to return the Bendigo/South Fork land parcel to its original wooded condition. Miller said the city council would like to see that happen, but that he has not demanded the site be restored.

Bendigo/South Fork proposed Marriott hotel site.

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